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John Tiller Software East Prussia '14 - First World War Campaigns Released !

Mr GrumpyMr Grumpy Mon Aug 18, 2014 9:48 pm
John Tiller Software East Prussia '14 - First World War Campaigns Released !
John Tiller Software East Prussia '14 - First World War Campaigns Released !

EP14 art.jpg


In the middle of August 1914, the world's attention was focused directly on the Western Front where German armies were sweeping into Belgium and France. On the Eastern Front however, the Russians were on the offensive into East Prussia, an important agricultural region of the Prussian homeland, and the gateway to Berlin. The Russians planned a two pronged invasion into East Prussia: one army approaching from the Niemen River to the east and one army approaching from the Narew River to the south, both aimed at outflanking German forces located therein, and the eventual capture of the strategic city of Königsberg. In their way stood a single German army, two resolute commanders, and a well developed rail network. By the time the campaign was over both Russian armies would be almost completely destroyed and thrown out of East Prussia and the campaign itself would go on to become one of the most studied and celebrated victories in warfare.

This game is fully supported on the TOC ladder and any PBEM games can be reported there.

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Volcano Man
Volcano Man Frid Aug 22, 2014 9:47 pm
The product page is here:


...it contains screen shots. ;)