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From Yalu To Chaco - Campaign Series Great War Mod – Extra Nations Pack - World War One Mod

From Yalu To Chaco - Campaign Series Great War Mod – Extra Nations Pack Image
Campaign Series Ladder

From Yalu To Chaco - Campaign Series Great War Mod – Extra Nations Pack

By Ian Leask
British 0 - 0 - 0 Libya
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 0
SM: 1
Turns: 1
Type: Custom
First Side: British
Second Side: Libya
Downloads: 112
The purpose of this pack (Hereafter referred to as “FY2C”) is to expand the coverage of the Campaign Series Great War Mod (Hereafter referred to as “CSGW”) to enable scenario designers to cover actions and wars between 1904 and 1934 involving nations / factions / forces either not currently covered in the mod or which currently are only dealt with as part of an existing nation rather than having a presence in their own right.

For example my first mod set (included with version 1 of the mod) is for the Senussi tribal confederation enables them to be fielded as a force in their own right with their own flag objective and unit base graphics rather than as a variety of Ottoman force as is the case with the CSGW” mod in its current form.

The idea is that to swap one of the extra nations in FY2C) into CSGW either using JSGME or manually doing a simple copy and paste of the contents of a named folder. For example copy “Install Senussi Force Set” into the main directory of the game, while once you have finished with it and want to return the game to its original state you then just have to copy and paste the contents of a related folder such as “Uninstall Senussi Force Set” into the main game directory also.

As different extra “Force Sets” may use the same existing nation set but swap in different files some which will replace the same files and some of which will not, it is very important in uninstall one set before installing the next. For more details of how the mod and its force sets work please see the FY2C Designers Notes document included with the mod.

To design a scenario using the mod a scenario designer will need to consult the “FY2C Resources Chart”. Most of the time it will be necessary to build the forces of the extra nation in question from the ground up adding in individual platoon files to higher formations that have first have had most of all of their original formations taken out.

Ian Leask
March 2018