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Fight for Nasiriyeh - World War One Mod

Fight for Nasiriyeh Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Fight for Nasiriyeh

By Mark McDougall
British 0 - 0 - 0 Turkey
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 0
SM: 3
Turns: 20
Type: Stock
First Side: British
Second Side: Turkey
Downloads: 129
24 July, 1915
Seventy miles west of Qurna. Sir John Nixon arrived in Mesopotamia
in March 1915 to take command of the Expeditionary Force. An
ambitious man, rather than being satisfied with the consolidation
of defenses in and around the oil region, he set his sights on
Baghdad. After successfully taking Amara on the Tigris with
a small amphibious force, he sent the 12th division up the Euphrates
River. The goal here was to deny the Turks the supply depot
at Nasiriyeh. Gorringe's 30th brigade had an arduous time progressing
up river towards Nasiriyeh, battling not only Turk strong points
but the fierce summer heat. By the time they had reached the
last and strongest of the Turkish defenses, the 30th brigade
was near collapse. Gorringe however would not be put off from
his goal and sent his last relatively fresh troops, the 24th
Punjabis, in flat bottom bellums paddling towards the enemy.
Lucky for them the 12th brigade were making their way up river
to reinforce their beleaguered comrades.