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The Long Shot - The Matrix Games version of West Front

The Long Shot Image
Campaign Series Ladder

The Long Shot

By von Niemack
Allies 12 - 6 - 9 Germany
Rating: 6.67 (20)
Games Played: 27
SM: 7
Turns: 32
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Germany
Downloads: 272
[Teamgame - 6 players] : After the break-out from the Normandy bridgehead, the allies raced northward without meting a lot of oppositon. Eisenhower's strategy for a 'broad front' quickly ate up the meagre supplies that were still being offloaded on the invasion beaches. Inevitably the whole offensive had to behalted for lack of supplies. At that moment Patton's third army was making it's way to Aachen, the French first Army was fighting near the Swiss border and the Montgomery's 21st army group was nearing the Dutch border. There were still supplies getting through, but the allied supreme commander had to allocate them to those troops that stood the best chance of making the best gains! At that moment, Montgomery presented a very bold plan : Market-Garden. It was to be a combined air-ground assault that would hopefully end the war quickly!The plan was as bold as it was simple : 1st Allied Airborne Corps would seize three major river crossings from Eindhoven to Arnhem, a distance of 120km. Then the reinforced XXX Corps would use these bridgeheads to cross the Rhine and gain a foothold just northwest of the Ruhr. From there an envelopping attack, in combination with 3rd US army would encircle the Ruhr and end the war quickly. History has however proved once more that no plan survives the first contact with the enemy! In early september, the German army was pulling back in dissarray toward the Westwall. One could no longer talk of divisions and corps, but groups of stragglers and left-overs from the once proud divisions. To change this situation and to save the Westfront, Hitler appointed fieldmarshall Model as commander of OB West. Quickly he started to assemble all troops in his command and tried desperately to form some sort of defensive line. Both 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions were grouped near Arnhem in preparation for rest and refitting and the last remaining reserve formations were put in the line in preparation for the expected assault by the British.When the first of the allied paratroopers started descending from the skies, the germans were caught by surprise, not I the least by the scope of the forces involved, but reacted very quickly! The commander of II SS Panzer Korps, Bittrich, quickly realised that the bridges at Arnhem and Nijmegen would be the pivotal points for the whole operation and ordered both of his divisions (re-grouped into battlegroups) to take control of these two cities (and their bridges). Meanwhile other forces put pressure on the 'Arnheim Salient' which was quickly forming.In the end the combination of bad weather over England, the presence of strong forces near the dropzones, lack of communication and the single road leading to Arnhem resulted in the annihilation of 1st British Airborne Division and the prolongation of the war...
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Nort's ProfileNort Slightly Pro Allies 8
umbro's Profileumbro Totally Pro Allies 8
Fierce's ProfileFierce Moderately Pro Germany 7
kernel t's Profilekernel t Well Balanced 8
Cam's ProfileCam Well Balanced 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Germany kernel t's Profile kernel t vs. Tankertony Tankertony's Profile Allies Draw 42 42
Allies Cam's Profile Cam vs. Panzerjaeger Panzerjaeger's Profile Germany Allies Major Victory 84 14
Germany Osiris's Profile Osiris vs. kernel t kernel t's Profile Allies Germany Major Loss 14 84
Germany Von Luck's Profile Von Luck vs. Ashcloud Ashcloud's Profile Allies Germany Minor Victory 63 28
Allies kernel t's Profile kernel t vs. Relayer Relayer's Profile Germany Allies Major Victory 84 14
Great fun scenario, very tough for the Germans
Von Luck
Just my thoughts but the Axis have to attack right from the start to keep the Allies unbalaced etc.
If EA is not used, Totally pro german, If EA is used, Moderately Pro german.
Very fun battle; has an excellent map and a good combination of attack/defense roles for each side - the drawback is that the trapped British paratroopers have excellent supply, the road that XXX Corp uses is fortified by friendly positions, and the points are set in a way where the Allies can win without relieving the British paras. Change these three areas and PBEM will balance.
Very fun battle; excellent battle map and offense/defense roles for both sides made this a fun battle- drawbacks: Trapped British paras have excellent supply, numerous Allied trenches along the hardball road overly protect XXX Corps' advance, and the points are set up so the Allies can achieve victory without relieving the paras at Oosterbeek and Arnhem. Change these three drawbacks and you have an excellent PBEM balance.
1st Lieutenant
Osiris Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:20 am
Idiotic scenario. Turn 1 allies have a major victory so rescuing the 1st airborne is not needed..The Hells Highway for the UK 30 Corp is defended on the flanks by a magical fantasy UK entrenched infantry division which means German units cant get to the highway to slow down 30th Corp..The LW company cant fight even a UK airborne platoons who have a morale rating of 10...In Arnhem german infantry is outnumbered 2-1 and despite having no AT units the Uk Airborne can hold off Tiger 1, Panther platoons with their bare hands..the SS PZGd infantry can barely do anything because the airborne units are insanely over supplied with overwhelmimg morale ratings out and if that isn't enough enjoy watching Allied artillery fall for 5 or minutes per turn...stay away from this scenario until it is fixed...
kernel t
kernel t Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:42 am
For the Germans to win this one they must attack right from turn one.