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Hugh Is Coming - The Matrix Games version of West Front

Hugh Is Coming Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Hugh Is Coming

By Don Fox
Allies 22 - 12 - 22 Axis
Rating: 8.13 (39)
Games Played: 56
SM: 5
Turns: 30
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Downloads: 241
Warnach, Belgium (Best Played Human vs Human): The 4th Armored was on a mission: break through the southern flank of the German penetration in the Ardennes, and relieve the American defenders of Bastogne, who had been encircled since December 20. In an amazing feat of logistics, General Patton wheeled three divisions 90 degrees, and marched them over 160 miles to assume positions facing north against the Bulge. It would be up to the veteran 4th Armored Division to open the road to Bastogne. But which road? After much debate, Patton decided to push the 4th Armored up the Arlon-Bastogne highway, which was the most direct route. As the 4th Armored jockeyed into position to start its offensive in earnest on the morning of December 22, Patton instructed the new commanding general of the 4th, Maj. General Hugh Gaffey, to "drive like hell". In Patton's view, the veteran Fourth Armored should arrive in Bastogne within one day; two at the very most. CCA and CCB began their drive with light resistance from the Germans. But the advance began to slow as the lead elements of the division came upon road and bridge demolition (the work of American Engineers as they retreated in the wake of the German advance). By nightfall, CCB had captured Burnon, and probed toward the villiage of Chaumont. CCA, advancing to the right of CCB along the Arlon-Bastogne highway, ran into a company of Germans from the 5 FJ division at the Sure River town of Martelange. It took all night to clear out the opposition, and longer still for the Engineers to replace the blown bridge spanning the Sure. That afternoon, CCB received a significant setback at the village of Chaumont. A major counterattack forced them out of the village and inflicted heavy losses in both tanks and armored infantry. It was clear that CCB would not make it to Bastogne by nightfall. So now, with the bridge at Martelange finally completed, there were only three hours of daylight left for CCA to fulfill Patton's promise.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Well Balanced 8
Don Fox's ProfileDon Fox Well Balanced 9
GreyGhost's ProfileGreyGhost Well Balanced 7
Cam's ProfileCam Well Balanced 7
Norry's ProfileNorry Slightly Pro Allies 6
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Allies Panzerjaeger's Profile Panzerjaeger vs. Mercur Mercur's Profile Axis Draw 30 30
Allies Triarii's Profile Triarii vs. Zap Zap's Profile Axis Draw 30 30
Allies fritzfarlig's Profile fritzfarlig vs. itlnprd itlnprd's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 60 10
Axis Panzerjaeger's Profile Panzerjaeger vs. General Lee Ensayne General Lee Ensayne's Profile Allies Draw 30 30
Allies Tank Killer's Profile Tank Killer vs. Hughen Tanken de Tote Hughen Tanken de Tote's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 60 10
Played with EA on.
Dan Caviness
Interesting challenge. While the Allies can negotiate the map, and the scenario is set as a breakout to relieve Bastogne, you can achieve a Major without exiting any units. Still, the victory levels seem fairly balanced based on our game. I ran every unit I could and even though Vontirpitz recaptured two of the objectives I left unmanned, it was almost a major victory for the Allies. No complaints, a nice set up and a fun map to negotiate. That is if one enjoys brutal snow maps that is! Endless ambush opportunities.
It is possible the Axis player might enjoy another company of tank destroyers.
I recommend this game for human vs. human PBEM.
Triarii Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:34 pm
Interesting bunker-busting puzzle. Excellent map.