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**Crossing The Leopold Canal - The Matrix Games version of West Front

**Crossing The Leopold Canal Image
Campaign Series Ladder

**Crossing The Leopold Canal

By Huib Versloot
Allies 12 - 1 - 14 Axis
Rating: 8.07 (19)
Games Played: 27
SM: 8
Turns: 25
Type: Stock
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
[Scheldt, Border Belgium-Holland 20KM S of Breskens]:[H2H]:[HIS]:[BB]: In september 1944 the port of Antwerp fell to the Allies surprisingly easily. After their rapid advance across France, supply lines were overstreched and a large sea port such as Antwerp was badly needed. However Initially Montgomery hoped to deal an immediate decisive blow to the Germans through operation Market Garden, so the center of attention was in the Arnhem region throughout the second half of september. Meanwhile, the German 15th army made good it's escape along the French coast and around 80.000 men and hundreds of guns were ferried over the Scheldt and thus saved to fight another day. As Market Garden failed, Allied attention inevitably became focused on the port of Antwerp again. A port which was useless as long as the German coastal guns dominated it's approaches. The Canadian army was tasked to clear these approaches, later to be reinforced by British formations. The plan to clear the Scheldt was threefold. The first operation was called Switchback, designed to clear the Germans fron the south bank of the Scheldt. The other were the capture of Walcheren island and the land approaches to Walcheren and SouthBeveland from the east. This scenario deals with the opening of the first phase of the attack plan: Operation Switchback, the clearance of the Breskens pocket. The Germans, well aware of the strategical importance of Antwerp decided to make a determinded stand and buy as much time as possible, to deny Allied use of Antwerp before start of the Ardennes Offensive. Therefore the full strength, seasoned 64th Infantry Division led by General Knut Eberding was designated to carry out "obstinate defense"of the Breskens pocket to the last bullet. The strategical stakes well justified the sacrifice of a division. Eberdings forces where strenghtened by the 203. Naval Artillery Regiment and numerous marine and Luftwaffe ground units. Guns, ammunition and supplies left behind by other divisions that were ferried over earlier made the division even better equipped. On top of that the coastal batteries of Walcheren would be able to give additional support. The Germans had worked hard to reinforce the pocket. The main attack was expected from the south, at the Leopold Canal, where the Canadians had already earlier tried to cross with a small force that was savagely beaten back. With many areas flooded, the Germans were confident the could hold the line against the Canadians who would be forced to advance over the dykes in the open. The Canadians, however had designed a plan to surprise the Germans; they would not only attack at the Leopold Canal, but would make an amphibious landing with the 9th Brigade at the muddy shores of the Braakman inlet. something that was considered impossible to the Germans. This scenario centers on events around the Leopold Canal starting in the early morning of 6 october 1944. At the Leopold Canal the Canadians just looped flamethrower salvos over the Leopold...hopefully disrupting the Germans just enough to make a quick crossing and establish a bridgehead. [NOTE: This scenario makes use of the "Dawn Attack" feature of JTCS. This means that after turn 6 there is a percentage change of getting daylight]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Unknown's ProfileUnknown Slightly Pro Axis 8
Unknown's ProfileUnknown Well Balanced 10
Unknown's ProfileUnknown Well Balanced 10
Nort's ProfileNort Slightly Pro Allies 8
Nort's ProfileNort Well Balanced 8
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Axis Zap's Profile Zap vs. kernel t kernel t's Profile Allies Axis Major Victory 96 16
Allies Panzerjaeger's Profile Panzerjaeger vs. fastphil fastphil's Profile Axis Allies Major Loss 16 96
Axis Boisforas's Profile Boisforas vs. Gordons HQ Gordons HQ's Profile Allies Axis Minor Loss 32 72
Axis PawelM's Profile PawelM vs. majog majog's Profile Allies Axis Major Victory 96 16
Allies Bioman's Profile Bioman vs. Klink36 Klink36's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 96 16
The night/day transition can really affect the outcome in this game, which adds spice, or decides the game depending upon your perspective. The night and terrain reduce movement so the scenario starts off slowly but then there are plenty of options as day breaks.
Night/Day transition decided this game as the fog did not lift until turn 15! Those 9 extra turns really made a huge difference to the allies who need dark to establish a bridgehead and then day to exploit.