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A Fateful Encounter - The Matrix Games version of West Front

A Fateful Encounter Image
Campaign Series Ladder

A Fateful Encounter

By D.Bevard /M.Shepard
Allies 10 - 0 - 9 Axis
Rating: 8.2 (15)
Games Played: 19
SM: 2
Turns: 16
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Downloads: 282
Bad Hersfeld, 50km SSE of Kassel, Germany: [Best played vs Human opponent - This is the original Doug Bevard scenario "A Chance Encounter" adjusted for H2H play by Mike Shepard] Even as Task Force Balm was making its ill-fated attempt to liberate American POWs at Hammelburg in late March 1945, the rest of the 4th Armored Division began to exploit its small bridgehead across the Main River from Hanau. The advance east was swift, with the combat commands splitting into smaller formations to cover more ground and increase the disruption of the northern wing of the German Seventh Army as it struggled to establish a cohesive defense. At Bad Hersfeld the commander of the Seventh Army, General von Obstfelder, was trying to put together an armored force to counterattack into the flank of the American advance using Panzer Brigade Thueringen. Obstfelder's attack would never take place! On the 29th, the last of some forty hoarded panzers were completing unloading from railcars and joining with the 300th Assault Gun Battalion south of the village. Suddenly a column of tanks and tank destroyers from Task Force Battaglia stumbled into the German infantry outposts along the highway to Frankfurt and immediately opened fire, beginning a mad free-for-all along the banks of the Fulda and Haune Rivers!
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Jeepster777's ProfileJeepster777 Well Balanced 8
Don Fox's ProfileDon Fox Totally Pro Axis 4
Jeepster777's ProfileJeepster777 Well Balanced 8
Gevatter's ProfileGevatter Slightly Pro Allies 7
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Well Balanced 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Allies Von Dondo's Profile Von Dondo vs. Zap Zap's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 24 4
Axis Panzerjaeger's Profile Panzerjaeger vs. fastphil fastphil's Profile Allies Axis Minor Victory 18 8
Allies Tiger 88's Profile Tiger 88 vs. Scud Scud's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 24 4
Axis John Given's Profile John Given vs. Boisforas Boisforas's Profile Allies Axis Major Victory 24 4
Allies Bolo's Profile Bolo vs. Zap Zap's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 24 4
Don Fox
This scene is a supposed rebalance of the stock scene "A Chance Encounter". I am not sure of the total nature of the changes, or how thoroughly it was playtested, but based upon this play of the scene, it appears to heavily favor the German side. It should also be noted that there are some glaring errors in the historical OB (though I hesitate to mention them and ruin the intel for the players playing blind).
A exciting and well balanced late war scenario that is both a challenge to defend for the Germans and hard to move in as the Americans.The terrain is the key...finding the right LOS free hiding spot
for both sides is tough....
Don Fox
Some gross historical issues with the OB. But otherwise, not a bad remake of the original scene (which contained the same OB issues)
Don Fox
Some gross historical issues with the OB. But otherwise, not a bad remake of the original scene (which contained the same OB issues)
John Given
1st Lieutenant
John Given Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:37 pm
I really liked the set up of the scenario - Eric pushed very hard into the board very early on - I knew he would. I positioned my forces in elevated, forested terrain with embankment hex-sides wherever I could. Still, he bagged a few panthers and some of my infantry, along with most of my stugs. Most of the rest of my force survived. It was an attrition game; his force was nearly devastated by turn 12.
Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy.

Sun Tzu