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Playing with the "Death's Head" - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

Playing with the "Death's Head" Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Playing with the "Death's Head"

By Phillip S. Baker
Axis 128 - 45 - 158 Allies
Rating: 8.56 (194)
Games Played: 331
SM: 3
Turns: 16
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
Tac, 30km S of Szekesfeherver, Hungary: [Best played against Human opponent] This is the third scenario in a series of scenarios dealing with Operation Konrad I, II, and III. With the premature cancellation of Konrad II the 4th SS Panzer-Korps deployed to the south of Szekesfeherver to try and relieve the Budapest Garrison from the south. Bypassing Szekesfeherver to the south, the armored spearhead of the SS Panzer Division 'Totenkopf' made a strong push to bounce the Sarviz Canal and drive to the Danube, rolling up the flanks of large portions of the 4th Guards and 46th Armies. In their way, fighting a confusing delaying action, was the 18th Tank Corps. While the rest of the Corps reformed to the east of the Sarviz Canal, a reinforced tank brigade was sent to the Canal with orders to delay and/or stop the fast moving armored spearhead of the 'Totenkopf' Division.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Bill Bates's ProfileBill Bates Moderately Pro Axis 8
USNRadioman's ProfileUSNRadioman Well Balanced 8
Eberbach's ProfileEberbach Well Balanced 8
Jager Fury's ProfileJager Fury Well Balanced 8
MikeT51's ProfileMikeT51 Moderately Pro Axis 8
This is a nice late war scenario with lots of lethal toys for both sides. I think the superior German armor gives them a slight edge.
One of the best of the mid-size scenarios. Lots of strategic options available to both sides; no wonder it's one of the most played scenarios!
Great Tactical and Strategic options in this scenario....if you enjoy Heavy Armour such as King Tigers and ISU 152s fighting
it out in snow covered fields
with little cover this is the scenario for you...!!
Afro Thunder
I found that the Allies had it quite easy, as long as they didn't overextend themselves, but instead allowed the Axis to grab a few of the objectives. It took approximately 6 turns before I saw the first Axis units.
Good late war armour fest
244 games with legend that is Richie61
EA off
Jim von Krieg
Move up quick to get arty on the bridges or risk the Russian dropping the bridges and forcing a frontal assault...
Major General
Ashcloud Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:46 am
Great armor challenge.
Tiger 88
General of the Army
Tiger 88 Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:51 am
One of the great classics to play! Great map with excellent unit mix - lots of options to map out! Great Fun!
First Sergeant
fritzfarlig Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:10 pm
in open field the T34 have problems
Dan Caviness
1st Lieutenant
Dan Caviness Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:32 am
Not trashing the scenario, it has potential, but I believe it is setup to play solo vs. the AI. I can't see a capable Russian player losing. Only my two cents.
5 Leichte Div
5 Leichte Div Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:28 am
Could have been better for the Red Army - provided that they shoot well - and this time they did not ! Awesome foe - the Nazi SS truppen.