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** On Their Heels - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

** On Their Heels Image
Campaign Series Ladder

** On Their Heels

By Jason Petho
Allies 8 - 3 - 13 Axis
Rating: 7.37 (26)
Games Played: 24
SM: 2
Turns: 17
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Downloads: 242
[This scenario is intended to be played with the Blitzkrieg EFII expansion pack installed]: Petrovskiy, 30km WSW of Odessa: [Best Played vs Human Opponent]: With the renewed offensive in full swing, the Rumanian 7th Infantry Division seized the small town of Petrovskiy from a thin screen from the Russian 25th Infantry Division. The line crumbled and the Russian infantry turned face and fled to the safety of Kalinin and Berezery. Elements of the 16th Infantry Regiment, supported by artillery and a handful of R35 tanks from the 2nd Armoured Regiment gave chase to catch the Russians before they have time to form a new line.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Thor's ProfileThor Well Balanced 8
Cpt. Carroll's ProfileCpt. Carroll Well Balanced 7
Lestmann's ProfileLestmann Slightly Pro Allies 7
Herr Straße Laufer's ProfileHerr Straße Laufer Moderately Pro Allies 5
Unknown's ProfileUnknown Well Balanced 9
Tiger 88
General of the Army
Tiger 88 Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:36 pm
Seems lopsided in terms of force mix with the axis player having more units to overwhelm the shorthanded reds!