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H2H-** The Spark on the Blues - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

H2H-** The Spark on the Blues Image
Campaign Series Ladder

H2H-** The Spark on the Blues

By Herr Straßen Läufer
Allies 1 - 0 - 0 Axis
H2H Approaved
Rating: 7.9 (1)
Games Played: 1
SM: 3
Turns: 20
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Downloads: 184
Novgorod, 170km SSE of Leningrad: [Version 1.0] [H2H](Hypo-HISB)[EA or no][N V V] The Russians begin Operation Iskra, "The Spark". 2nd Shock Army is tasked with gaining a bridgehead. The Spanish volunteers "Azul", those from the Spanish Blue division who remained with the German army, have been battling in this sector for quite some time. The German command knows that they can count on the Spanish. These volunteers have learned to fight as well as their German counterparts. They are tough as they come but, can they hold the line against the crush of so many Russians who desire their elimination. The "volunteers" have been shifting some assets and preparing for withdrawl to new lines when the Russians finally struck. The frantic calls of incoming tanks and Russian air attacks fill the radio net. The Spanish soon learn that this is the real thing and not a probing attack. All the "blues" wonder where this will lead.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Herr Straße Laufer's ProfileHerr Straße Laufer Slightly Pro Allies 8
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Allies Herr Straße Laufer's Profile Herr Straße Laufer vs. 1925frank 1925frank's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 36 6