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** Arctic Front: Svir Power Station - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

** Arctic Front: Svir Power Station Image
Campaign Series Ladder

** Arctic Front: Svir Power Station

By Battle Kat
Finland 1 - 0 - 1 USSR
Rating: 7.48 (4)
Games Played: 2
SM: 8
Turns: 30
Type: Custom
First Side: Finland
Second Side: USSR
Downloads: 266
6 September, 1941

[Svir, Olonets Karelia, 120 km NE from Leningrad, Russia] [H2H] [HIS] [CSL]

Having broken through at Tuloksa river on 4 September, shattering the Red Army 3. Marine Br. and 452. and 419. Infantry Regiments, the road to river Svir (Finnish: Syväri) was now decisively open for the Finnish VI Army Corps. As the breakthrough was secured, the VI AC pushed on. It created several battle groups with orders to continue the advance through the scattered Soviet second echelon formations, not allowing the enemy any time to regroup.

Supported by tanks and artillery, Battle Group Lagus rushed towards the town of Olonets which it captured already on September 5 with only a short firefight. From there it was ordered to quickly advance towards the River Svir and the town of Lodeynoye Pole.

On its right flank, the 4th Light Infantry was to secure their advance, while on its left flank Battle Group Schrowe was to cross River Svir further to the East, and to cut the road and railway routes south of the river.

For Stavka the sudden loss of Olonets was a shock. The 3. Volunteer Division was given strict orders to keep the town at any cost, but at the time the encircled unit had already abandoned their heavy equipment and was retreating towards safety through the Karelian wilderness.

Reacting to the rapidly worsening situation, the 314.D was ordered to embark towards the area using the still secure railway connections available. The 314 D. was to prevent the Finnish forces from crossing the river and any beachhead was to be attacked in force. The race to Svir and its key logistical and industrial assets was on!

(Player note: please make sure you are familiar with bridging engineers (building medium bridges), construction engineers (building trenches), and loading and unloading crewed boats and ferries.)


(Scenario picture: 'Syväri Power Station, 27 Sept 1941'. Source: SA-kuva.fi)

Scenario map is computer art by Christopher Buck

[ALL: N AF: N VV] [2.0]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Otto von Blotto's ProfileOtto von Blotto Slightly Pro Finland 7
Ed's ProfileEd Well Balanced 7
Ed's ProfileEd Well Balanced 7
Big Ivan's ProfileBig Ivan Moderately Pro USSR 2
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
USSR Ed's Profile Ed vs. Big Ivan Big Ivan's Profile Finland USSR Minor Victory 72 32
Finland Otto von Blotto's Profile Otto von Blotto vs. Juan Manuel Juan Manuel's Profile USSR Finland Major Victory 96 16
Big Ivan
1st Lieutenant
Big Ivan Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:39 am
Not my cup of tea. Too long slogging through the forest on foot only to get to the river and find there is a horde of Russians on the other side! Forget trying to cross in boats against dug in machine gunners coupled with 70% Finn artillery ammo...