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** Arctic Front: Higher Ground - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

** Arctic Front: Higher Ground Image
Campaign Series Ladder

** Arctic Front: Higher Ground

By Battle Kat
USSR 4 - 0 - 0 Finland
Rating: 3.88 (4)
Games Played: 4
SM: 5
Turns: 25
Type: Custom
First Side: USSR
Second Side: Finland
Downloads: 284
Update July 12, 2015: Fixed the errata in victory levels; Should be: 400-800-1400-1800

3 March,1940

[Vuosalmi, 45 km E of Viborg, Karelian Isthmus Finland.] [H2H] [HIS] [CSL]

Towards the last days of the Winter War, the Finnish position looked grim. The troops were experiencing heavy casualties against the relentless Red Army attacks, artillery ammunition was nearly exhausted, and their gun tubes worn out. Even worse; the thick ice that covered the Bay of Viborg and the River Vuoksi turned these once formidable natural obstacles into excellent attack routes.

On March 3rd, The Soviet 13th Infantry Army threw three fresh divisions into a new offensive across a broad front in the Vuosalmi and Kaskiselkä sectors, even before their artillery trains had reached their final deployment positions.
Supported by tanks, and later, heavy artillery, the Red Army began to make headway.

On the Vuoksi area the battalions defending the strategic high ground on the "Soviet" side of Vuoksi near Äyräpää were nearing the end of their endurance. With no room for manouvering, the area soon resembled a World War I battle ground.

The 2nd Division fighting in Vuosalmi ended its situation assessment: "Today we are still alive, tomorrow we'll be in deep distress, and the day after tomorrow the 2nd Division will no longer exist unless III Army Corps sends immediate assistance by any means necessary."

Having no option, the III Army Corps sent its last available units to enforce the area, including a significant amount of artillery pieces.

Unknown to soldiers bitterly contesting for the higher ground, the Winter War was to end in just ten days time, in March 13, 1940.


(Scenario picture from book "Laurila's Bloodhounds; JR 23 in Winter War.")

[Scandinavian Terrain Mod recommended to be enabled when playing this scenario]

[ALL: N AF: N VV][2.0]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Tiger 88's ProfileTiger 88 Totally Pro USSR 2
Juan Manuel's ProfileJuan Manuel Totally Pro USSR 1
Otto von Blotto's ProfileOtto von Blotto Moderately Pro USSR 7
Big Ivan's ProfileBig Ivan Slightly Pro Finland 5
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
USSR Big Ivan's Profile Big Ivan vs. Dan Caviness Dan Caviness's Profile Finland USSR Minor Victory 45 20
USSR Otto von Blotto's Profile Otto von Blotto vs. Panther Panther's Profile Finland USSR Major Victory 60 10
USSR Tiger 88's Profile Tiger 88 vs. Juan Manuel Juan Manuel's Profile Finland USSR Major Victory 60 10
USSR dawags's Profile dawags vs. Bolo Bolo's Profile Finland USSR Major Victory 60 10
Big Ivan
1st Lieutenant
Big Ivan Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:31 am
Could use some minor tweaking on victory conditions, Russian force mix and starting some of the Russian artillery on board rather than arriving later