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Against all odds - Red Victory

Against all odds Image
Squad Battles Ladder

Against all odds

By Ozgur Budak
Axis 15 - 0 - 12 USSR
Rating: 7.58 (13)
Games Played: 27
SM: 2
Turns: 18
Type: Custom
First Side: Axis
Second Side: USSR
25 FEBRUARY 1943, BARVENKOVO, 30KM SOUTHEAST OF KHARKOV: After the fall of Kharkov the Russian high command concluded, wrongly, that such an important junction would only have been abandoned under Hitler's express order and that Army Group South must therefore be in full retreat. Based on this assumption STAVKA ordered Voronezh Front to continue its pursuit towards the Dnyepr River. Despite frantic efforts to stabilize the frontline there was still a huge gap between 1st Panzer Army and Army Detachment Hollidt along the Mius River. Mobile Group Popov thrust into this gap and advanced south through Krasnoarmeyskoye towards Stalino. German command blocked Popov's path with the battle weary 40th Panzer Korps. On 18 February, Manstein ordered the first moves of his counteroffensive, orchestrated attacks on Mobile Group Popov's flanks by the 7th and 11th Panzer Divisions, slowly bottlenecking the red armor. As late as the 21st of February, Russians still believed that German Army was in full retreat. By the 23rd, the last resistance of Popov's forces trapped in the Krasnoarmeyskoye area had been broken and remnants of the Mobile Group started a retreat northwards. At this point Manstein committed the 5th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Wiking" on Barvenkovo axis to pursuit and isolate the retreating enemy. Exhausted from continuous fighting in the Caucasus and having only a couple of PzIII and Marders, "Wiking" continued its push towards Barvenkovo.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
jomni's Profilejomni Well Balanced 8
Kalorn's ProfileKalorn Moderately Pro Axis 7
flynavy's Profileflynavy Moderately Pro Axis 6
grofaz's Profilegrofaz Well Balanced 8
Kool Kat's ProfileKool Kat Slightly Pro Axis 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
USSR Landser34's Profile Landser34 vs. Geier Geier's Profile Axis USSR Major Victory 16 2
USSR Laza's Profile Laza vs. Pat the wolf Pat the wolf's Profile Axis USSR Major Loss 2 16
USSR Laza's Profile Laza vs. Landser34 Landser34's Profile Axis USSR Major Loss 2 16
USSR Laza's Profile Laza vs. Richie61 Richie61's Profile Axis USSR Major Loss 2 16
USSR Richie61's Profile Richie61 vs. todk todk's Profile Axis USSR Major Victory 16 2
It's all about preserving your force and getting them out of the map.
Kool Kat
Axis have an advantage in AFVs and number of squads. Russian player needs to play aggressive and look for opportunities to strike back.
Regards, Mike / "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - George S. Patton /
General of the Army
Richie61 Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:17 am
I got a lucky win on this one :)
"Ideals are peaceful. History is violent."
First Sergeant
Geier Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:27 am
Two dug in T-34s make it very difficult for the German troops to secure their objectives or exit the map.