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#45_1119_1v1: Advance to the North: US 11th AB - PzC 22 Japan '45

#45_1119_1v1: Advance to the North: US 11th AB Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

#45_1119_1v1: Advance to the North: US 11th AB

By Bill Peters
US 1 - 0 - 0 Japan
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 1
SM: 6
Turns: 51
Type: Stock
First Side: US
Second Side: Japan
Date: November 19, 1945 - Size, Large - Location: Southern Kyushu, Japan - Intended for Head to Head play. In this version of the Advance to the North scenario there is an option to use the 11th Airborne Division. Originally it was not going to be available until X+22. What if it had been available for use during this part of the campaign? The Allied player will choose from one of two strategy decisions on the first day of the battle. Note: Losses have been deducted for losses from previous action and in the case of the Japanese reinforcements those losses due to US interdiction efforts. US forces received numerous replacements on the 8th so many of their units have higher strengths than on the previous days' fight.
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
US Landser34's Profile Landser34 vs. Doctor Doctor's Profile Japan US Major Victory 108 12