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1023_02 VARIANT 1: 2nd Alamein - The End of the Beginning - PzC 11 El Alamein '42

1023_02 VARIANT 1: 2nd Alamein - The End of the Beginning Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

1023_02 VARIANT 1: 2nd Alamein - The End of the Beginning

By César “Indragnir” Librán Moreno
British 0 - 0 - 0 Axis
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 0
SM: 6
Turns: 150
Type: Custom
First Side: British
Second Side: Axis
Many years have passed since Alamein 42 game was launched, it received quality revision by Volcano Man that did improved the old Stock campaign. Since then new information and research has surfaced so this mod is a Variant based on Alamein Main Campaign with new sources and research applied.

Optional Rules:
Alternative Assault Resolution
Artillery Set-up
Recon Spotting
Virtual Supply Trucks
Low Visibility Air Effects
Quality Fatigue Modifier
Delayed Disruption Report
Counterbattery Fire
Night Fatigue
Programmed Weather
Limited Air Recon.

Notice several formations were absent in previous Grand Campaign scenario, to mention the most important ones:
Allied were missing 9th Arnoured Brigade (under 2nd New Zealand Division), 23rd Armoured Brigade (just a Royal Tank Regiment and Infantry support), 44th Royal Tank Regiment (attached from the 23rd Armoured Brigade to 2nd Zealand Division)
Axis: Trieste (Moto) Division, Panzer Grenadier Rgt Afrika, Kiehl.Gruppe, plus many units attached to 185th Folgore y 102nd Trento Divisions.
Also both sides were missing really a lot of their AT power. In this battle there were an amazing total of more than 2200 AT employed adding up both sides (considering there were roughly 23 divisions means almost 100 AT per division). In the flat desert landscape the AT guns were the king (Axis employed their Heavy AA guns like AT guns). Both sides really massed AT guns.
Also AA weapons are now on map. Allied did use them as AA weapons but Axis forces used them in ground role very often.
Notice 15th PzDivision and Littorio are released one day earlier.

This an attrition battle and the Allied need to capture VP locations behind main defensive line if they want to win, they have a 4% replacement on tanks (besides Recovery) but they face an amazing amount of AT guns in fortified positions.

(See attached document for full changes log)

Any question let me know.