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0619_04s: Tobruk to Alamein (both sides reinforced - unfixed) Revised by Michael Smith V3.0 - PzC 11 El Alamein '42

0619_04s: Tobruk to Alamein (both sides reinforced - unfixed) Revised by Michael Smith V3.0 Image
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0619_04s: Tobruk to Alamein (both sides reinforced - unfixed) Revised by Michael Smith V3.0

By cavalry corps
Axis 1 - 0 - 1 Allies
Rating: 9.1 (1)
Games Played: 2
SM: 7
Turns: 160
Type: Custom
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
Downloads: 231

Panzer Campaigns: El Alamein '42 - Tobruk to Alamein Alt revised by Michael Smith V 3.0

This excellent scn has been amended after having being played PBEM fully "three times now" , re-balanced for optimum PBEM experience. version 1-3 show actually only a few modifications.Both sides should find it a true challenge of command

I used the alt version for the conversion ( with due thanks to Volcano Man) and many thanks to the origianl designers and anyone else involved. The game should be played with explicit supply and the default rules suggested.

Files included in the zip, These are additional files they do not replace anything you already have


v3.0 November 2009 1. Change to axis supply variation so the reduction chance is not 100% but 80% 2. Edited Rommels command range from 100 to 150 3. IN LINE WITH ALL MY GAMES I HAVE DECIDED To abstract AA guns to encourage play to deploy them in that capacity. All light/ Medium AA Have an abstracted with a range of 4 and heavies 5. I have found this means that AA guns will be positioned to cover as much of the unit they belong to as possible. My idea is to abstract them being broken down over a wider area whilst considering that we usually have just a few units in the oob that cannot breakdown. 4. Revised a few other minor oob ratings 5. Put French Foreign Legion ( allied ) as A morale 6. Put all LRDG as commandoes ALL with deception ability but reduced the range to 15. Improved the command range of their HQ. Raised them to 15 man units to give them a little more staying power if deployed.Raised their assault value and speed. 7. In line with reducing the pace of attack in ALL MY MODIFIED GAMES I have reduced art SET UP BY 10% FOR BOTH SIDES. 8. Improved ship AA defence and defence values. 9. Minor on map supply changes ( additions ) for both sides reduced the defence values of dumps but increased their range 10 Increased the recovery rate for both sides to 3% to give all units a little more staying power 11. Slightly improved Tobruk defence 12. Slightly increased the air interdiction chance for BOTH sides. 13. Slightly increased allied VP values on some locations 14. Improved assault values by 2 of Paratroop units and commandoes

V2.0 Test version

V1.0 August 2007 1. Improved Axis mobile supply arrival and on the map esp when Tobruk is taken 2. Improved allied supply slightly but mainly in terms of more supply dumps 3. Slightly improved the Tobruk defence 4. Improved Axis morale for 15th and 21st Panzer To A and one or two other units to B 5. Added several more small VP locations and values 6. Added a Repl rate to Pz Regts at 5% and Recon Battalions 5% to simulate the remarkable German ability in this area 7. Converted 3 of the 6 LRDG units to partisans ( still useful ) but the LRDG were too effective before . 8. Improved the VP for Malta , added some Pillboxes in Valetta 9. Improved 7Armd morale to B

Again thanks to Volcano man for the original enhanced Alt versions and of coarse the original scenarion designers and my PBEM opponenets.

Michael Smith

your comments are welcome


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Member Balance Enjoyment
PK Powers's ProfilePK Powers Well Balanced 7
Gaming Records
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Allies PK Powers's Profile PK Powers vs. typhoon typhoon's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 126 14
Axis cavalry corps's Profile cavalry corps vs. Outlaw Josey Wales Outlaw Josey Wales's Profile Allies Axis Minor Victory 84 36