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#21_01: The Fortified Goose Egg - PzC 05 Bulge '44

#21_01: The Fortified Goose Egg Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

#21_01: The Fortified Goose Egg

By Saunders & Blackie
Axis 4 - 4 - 12 Allies
Rating: 7.18 (15)
Games Played: 20
SM: 1
Turns: 20
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
St. Vith, 42Km NE of Bastogne, Dec 21st, 1944: The defenders of St. Vith had done a magnificent job holding back the flood of German forces from the east. The town stuck out like a peninsula into the forming bulge, causing the order to be given to take the town without armor support, if the Fuhrer Begleit Brigade did not get there in time. The defenders, in the meantime, were almost ready to pull back through an escape route held open by the 82nd Airborne Division at Veilsalm and Salmchateau. [Size medium]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Jarrel's ProfileJarrel Well Balanced 7
Cshurts's ProfileCshurts Moderately Pro Allies 5
Blue 1's ProfileBlue 1 Moderately Pro Allies 4
Blue 1's ProfileBlue 1 Slightly Pro Axis 8
Pecadolr's ProfilePecadolr Slightly Pro Axis 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Allies jeffro's Profile jeffro vs. Sargiunas Sargiunas's Profile Axis Allies Major Victory 18 2
Axis Spooky's Profile Spooky vs. The_General The_General's Profile Allies Axis Major Loss 2 18
Axis The_General's Profile The_General vs. Spooky Spooky's Profile Allies Axis Major Loss 2 18
Axis Al's Profile Al vs. Dave68124 Dave68124's Profile Allies Axis Minor Loss 6 14
Axis Dave68124's Profile Dave68124 vs. Al Al's Profile Allies Axis Major Loss 2 18