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The Battle of the Dark Coast - Modern War

The Battle of the Dark Coast Image
Squad Battles Ladder

The Battle of the Dark Coast

By Ironwulf
US 1 - 0 - 0 Red Force
Rating: 8.8 (1)
Games Played: 1
SM: 5
Turns: 25
Type: Custom
First Side: US
Second Side: Red Force
The Dark Coast Historical Data:

With its roots in antiquity,
the Dark Coast, sitting astride ancient sea and land trade routes,
is a relatively small and formerly wealthy coastal nation located
on the edge of a 3rd world continent. Its few large urban areas
contrast sharply with its provincial regions which have traditionally
been relatively ungoverned.

In recent years after the end of
the cold war era, the country has experienced increasing political/economic/military
upheaval and has now digressed into a state of lawlessness where
government forces are mainly holed up in urban areas and near
their military bases while waging a civil war against breakaway
elements of the army and the civilian populace at large. Additionally,
working both sides of the fence, are mercenaries, pirates, smugglers,
and terrorists. Into this hodgepodge of competing interests and
shifting alliances comes a coalition of global interests spearheaded
by the Marines… ready to settle the score, and help bring an
end to the suffering and chaos.

The Battle of the Dark Coast

scenario is a hypothetical amphibious assault.]

Location: The
Bay of Aksum, Tropic of Cancer

Situation: The Dark Coast. Once
a secure and thriving nation state, The Dark Coast in recent
years has experienced extreme civil unrest…

Marine Briefing

0430 Hrs, elements of the 26th MEU, 5th Fleet ESG, will begin
their assault on the Dark Coast.


the Dark Coast Airfield

Secure the Dark Coast beachhead landing


Secure a foothold into the city.

possible, gain a foothold into the city proper itself (avoiding
civilian casualties at all costs) in order to widen our security
belt around the airfield and establish our control over this
vital port.


0430 The 26th MEU spearheaded by Alpha
Company, with Sea Cobra air support, will conduct an aerial assault
into the city air field just south of the beachhead. Be advised,
naval SF are already on the ground preparing the way. Your objective
is to secure the airfield for follow-on forces and support the
amphibious landing to the north.

0435 Bravo and Charlie Co.
will conduct an amphibious assault onto the beachhead itself
just north of the airfield. B/C's objective is to secure the
beachhead for follow-on forces and establish a linkup with Alpha
company to the south. Regroup with our Special Forces detachment
near the airfield and make a push into the city itself.

is vital that we secure the airfield and the beachhead area so
that we can establish a FOB for future operations into the mainland
itself as well as provide a safe haven for UN humanitarian operations.

Enemy forces

Enemy forces have been sighted moving into
the beachhead area but due to successful naval psyops, they are
not expecting our actual assault to take place here.

The enemy
consists mainly of Russian trained and equipped elite Republican
Guard forces backed up by a professional mercenary force. They
are armed with T-55s, T-72s, and BMPs.


Sea Cobra and F-18 CAS will be available throughout the mission



Our campaign against the rebels has been going
well with our recent taking of the Dark Coast area and its vital
port city.

We had expected the foreigners to attack somewhere
along the northern coast closer to our capital but recent and
alarming reports indicate that the actual assault may now be
happening to our SE in the Bay of Aksum along the Dark Coast.

Commando, stationed in the Dark Coast area, has just been alerted…

Commando Mission Directive:

Form up the battalion and move out
immediately to reinforce our forward coastal positions.

to locate and contain any amphibious assault forces until Republican
Guard reinforcements arrive in the area. Destroy any enemy helos
if possible to protect our armor and force a rescue situation.
Do not allow the enemy to establish a bridgehead into the Dark
Coast region. An entrenched enemy presence here or in the port
could serve as a jumping board for a future assault on our capital

The Marines may well land with M1 Tanks and undoubtedly
have air support.

Reinforcements: A Republican Guard company
stationed to the north has been alerted and is presently on its
way to reinforce the 5th. Republican guard CAS in the form of
HIND gunship support and F-14s are prepping now to support our
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keif149 Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:10 am
Played with the X Mod! :-)