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#07 Guadalcanal 2300.scn - HPS/JTS Guadalcanal

#07 Guadalcanal 2300.scn Image
Naval Warfare Ladder

#07 Guadalcanal 2300.scn

By John Tiller
Imp. Japanese Navy 0 - 0 - 0 US Navy
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 0
SM: 1
Turns: 6
Type: Custom
First Side: Imp. Japanese Navy
Second Side: US Navy
2300 14 November 1942. The Japanese had hit Guadalcanal with two attacks already in the previous days. Now, Vice Admiral Kondo's Attack Group was approaching Guadalcanal with a sizeable force. This force included remnants of previous attacks such as the Battleship Kirishima. However Admiral Lee was ready with his battleship force to oppose the Japanese. The result would be one of the few battleship-vs-battleship fights of World War II. Note: the three PT boats in this scenario are known to have been patrolling the area during the battle, but the actual PT designations are not know to the author. The designations used in the scenario are thus generic. For more information, see the Overlay Chart: Guadalcanal.bmp.