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The Siege of Yorktown, September 29th - October 19th, 1781 - HPS/JTS Campaign 1776

The Siege of Yorktown, September 29th - October 19th, 1781 Image
Black Powder Ladder

The Siege of Yorktown, September 29th - October 19th, 1781

By Sean Coffey
US 1 - 0 - 0 British
Rating: 3.45 (2)
Games Played: 1
SM: 4
Turns: 40
Type: Stock
First Side: US
Second Side: British
What-If. Cornwallis's army occupied Yorktown for supplies and men, 5,000 men supposed to arrive from New York from Clinton, But the French fleet defeated the British Navy in the Capes and prevent the reinforcement. What if those Reinforcements had arrived? Would Cornwallis hold out? NOTE: If your wondering about British numbers Yorktown_a shows 5,000. Historically Cornwallis had around 8,000. I add 7,000 to make 13,000. Historically 8,000 + 5,000= 13,000 so it comes out correctly.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Nortan's ProfileNortan Moderately Pro US 7
Havoc's ProfileHavoc Totally Pro US 1
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
US Nortan's Profile Nortan vs. Havoc Havoc's Profile British US Major Win 56 8
Lieutenant General
Havoc Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:10 pm
100+ strength French units vs British units of 25 or less means the casualties in fire will always favor the French. The redoubts don't make any difference in the defense and all the British forward troops in line are exposed with swamp to their rear. Reinforcements will take too long to get there to save them. Not worth playing.