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#06 The Battle of Tsushima - HPS/JTS Tsushima

#06 The Battle of Tsushima Image
Naval Warfare Ladder

#06 The Battle of Tsushima

By John Tiller
Imp. Russian Navy 0 - 1 - 11 Imp. Japanese Navy
Rating: 7.9 (1)
Games Played: 12
SM: 4
Turns: 30
Type: Stock
First Side: Imp. Russian Navy
Second Side: Imp. Japanese Navy
1330 27 May 1905. The plan had been fantastic. The Russian Baltic Fleet was to sail halfway around the world and join the Russian Pacific Fleet in defeating the Japanese. But the plan went completely wrong when the Russian Pacific Fleet was destroyed before the Baltic Fleet could arrive. With stubborn determination, Admiral Rozhestvensky and his forces continued on, sailing to a meeting with the Japanese in the straits of Tsushima. The resulting battle would be one of the most decisive naval battles in history. In the end, little of the original Russian fleet would survive and Rozhestvensky's odessy would end in failure.
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Member Balance Enjoyment
Admiral Canaris's ProfileAdmiral Canaris Slightly Pro Imp. Japanese Navy 8