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Operation Rosario -D - Falklands

Operation Rosario -D Image
Squad Battles Ladder

Operation Rosario -D

By Jeff Conner
Argentina 0 - 0 - 0 UK
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 0
SM: 4
Turns: 36
Type: Stock
First Side: Argentina
Second Side: UK
Battalion Level
Normal Daylight Conditions
Play as Argentina

The Argentine plan for the invasion of the Islas Malvinas called for a surprise attack on the Moody Brook Barracks by the Marine Amphibious Commando Company. The 2nd Marine Battalion would land by amphibious tractors on Yorke Beach and supply any additional firepower that was necessary to subdue the British garrison. A platoon from the 25th Regiment was assigned to seize Government House, the seat of power in the islands. However, when the Argentines realized that the element of surprise may have been lost, the plan was changed so that the 25th Infantry was now responsible for seizing the airport and the Marine Commandos would secure Government House.

Meanwhile, the British had elected to not to send home the rotating, platoon-sized garrison from the previous year, effectively doubling the number of troops on the islands. A small section of naval ratings from HMS Endurance was added to the garrison. The British plan was to fight a delaying battle starting at Yorke Beach, the anticipated landing spot for an amphibious landing. It was hoped that if fighting continued for long enough, political pressure could be brought to bear on the Argentines forcing them to withdraw from the area.

This scenario has been scripted for play against the AI. Given the number of turns and the size of the map, it may be problematic, however.