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Gagarina Ave Checkpoint - Combat Mission: Black Sea

Gagarina Ave Checkpoint Image
Combat Mission x2 - Modern Ladder

Gagarina Ave Checkpoint

Russia 1 - 1 - 2 Ukraine
Rating: 5.57 (3)
Games Played: 4
SM: 6
Turns: 70
Type: Stock
First Side: Russia
Second Side: Ukraine
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Domfluff's ProfileDomfluff Moderately Pro Russia 3
ran1's Profileran1 Moderately Pro Russia 5
SwampYankee's ProfileSwampYankee Slightly Pro Ukraine 6
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Russia Singapore Sling's Profile Singapore Sling vs. HMG HMG's Profile Ukraine Draw 36 36
Russia Mitra's Profile Mitra vs. Amon Amon's Profile Ukraine Russia Minor Defeat 24 48
Russia CrackSabbath's Profile CrackSabbath vs. SwampYankee SwampYankee's Profile Ukraine Russia Total Defeat 6 66
Russia Domfluff's Profile Domfluff vs. ran1 ran1's Profile Ukraine Russia Minor Victory 48 24
ran1 Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:13 am
Fairly one sided scenario in h2h. Flat open terrain with limited setup options for def ukrs (not possible to have forward screen or defence in depth) and limited at ability at start up. Reinforcements need to arrive 15-20mins earlier for ukrs to be of use.
Private 1st Class
SwampYankee Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:21 pm
The Russians have some good equipment but they have to traverse open territory. Tough for the Russians.
"The only way I got to keep those tigers busy is to let them shoot holes in me!"