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07. Forward, Bucktails! - Battleground 5: Antietam

07. Forward, Bucktails! Image
Black Powder Ladder

07. Forward, Bucktails!

By Charles Kibler & Rick de la Parra
Union 2 - 0 - 3 CSA
Rating: 6.47 (3)
Games Played: 5
SM: 1
Turns: 6
Type: Custom
First Side: Union
Second Side: CSA
September 16, 1862 6 Turns ------------------[ Historical ]------------------ 6pm: On the evening of 16 September, as Hooker's I Corps was deploying on the western side of Antietam Creek, Pennsylvanians of Meade's 3rd Division (known as the Pennsylvania Bucktails due to the deer tails worn on the side of their kepis) bumped into advance elements of Evander Law's brigade (Hood's division). Two Federal batteries arrived. These, combined with the Bucktail infantry, forced Law's men to fall back to the East Woods. Before night ended the contest, however, some of Hood's Texans would stage their first reckless charge toward the East Woods to reinforce their comrades. In the darkness, both sides then fell into an unsettled sleep; for over 6000 men, it would be their last chance to dream of their home and family.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Alan Edmonds's ProfileAlan Edmonds Moderately Pro CSA 6
The_General's ProfileThe_General Moderately Pro Union 6
Abrams M1A2's ProfileAbrams M1A2 Well Balanced 6
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Union Abrams M1A2's Profile Abrams M1A2 vs. billk1 billk1's Profile CSA Union Minor Loss 4 10
Union NEY's Profile NEY vs. The_General The_General's Profile CSA Union Major Win 14 2
Union JakeTKE's Profile JakeTKE vs. Alan Edmonds Alan Edmonds's Profile CSA Union Major Loss 2 14
Union Brian Wynott's Profile Brian Wynott vs. Laza Laza's Profile CSA Union Major Win 14 2
Union Baron von Beergut's Profile Baron von Beergut vs. Mark M Mark M's Profile CSA Union Minor Loss 4 10