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11. The High-Water Mark - Battleground 2: Gettysburg

11. The High-Water Mark Image
Black Powder Ladder

11. The High-Water Mark

By Joesph Hummel
CSA 1 - 0 - 1 Union
Rating: 0 (0)
Games Played: 2
SM: 1
Turns: 11
Type: Custom
First Side: CSA
Second Side: Union
July 3rd, 1863 1:20pm 11 Turns On the third day of the battle, Lee determined to smash the center of the Union line. For what has come to be known as Pickett's Charge, the Confederates patched together two divisions from Hill's Corps, plus Pickett's fresh but small and relatively inexperienced division, for a total of about 12,000 men. Longstreet's pronouncement on the prospects of the attack was, "It is my opinion that no 15,000 men ever arrayed for battle can take that position". But Lee's mind was made up - the attack simply had to succeed. A terrific cannonade, which lasted from one and a half to two hours, and which did little actual damage to the Union front line, began the spectacle. At its conclusion, a mile-long mass of men emerged over the crest of Seminary Ridge, paused to dress their lines - and marched into history.
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
CSA Deb Cross's Profile Deb Cross vs. Thunder Thunder's Profile Union CSA Major Loss 2 14
CSA The Scribbler's Profile The Scribbler vs. Blaze2 Blaze2's Profile Union CSA Major Win 14 2