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8. Message Boards/Forum Code of Conduct.

Message Boards/Forums are moderated by club officers. We respect free speech, but we also reserve the right to edit or delete messages which we determine to be inappropriate.

Please refrain from personal attacks, e.g. name calling, cursing or accusations of cheating on the message boards. Debate can become heated, but please keep the flaming to a minimum so that we can have reasoned and impassioned discussion. In recognition of our broad international membership, we discourage the discussion of world politics, religion and current events, as these items of discussion can be disruptive to our hobby.

If you disagree with a message that has been posted and believe it to contravene any of the Blitz rules, please do not respond on the board calling for it to be moderated as this tends to escalate the argument and give it more 'airtime' than it necessarily deserves.

The correct procedure is to use the Report button in the bottom right corner of the post.
Report image
 This will open a dialogue box in which you can explain why you feel the post needed reporting. This action will flag a post for moderation attention. The moderator will make a decision of whether the post needs to be moderated. This procedure keeps arguments off the boards and makes the moderation of the forums a smoother, less confrontational experience for all involved.

You can rate a post from one to five stars, all ratings are logged against the member using this feature and any abuse of this feature will result in disciplinary action being taken.

Members who's account has become inactive (ROE #4) may still use the forums without restriction.

*The public posting of any text taken from messages sent by officers to members via Email or PM's or text from the Officers Barracks will result in disciplinary action being taken against the member who posts such material.*

*Public accusations of cheating on message boards will not be tolerated.*
To report suspected cheating see ROE #12.