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6. Discontinuing a Game and Missing Opponents.

It's EXTREMELY RUDE and ANNOYING to vanish without a trace. Please show consideration to your fellow wargamers! A game discontinued without mutual consent is considered a VICTORY of the highest order UNLESS other terms are first negotiated. Do not just disappear!!

If you are going out of town please make arrangements with your opponent to surrender, or suspend the game until your return. If you are knocked off line for an extended period, use a computer at a friend’s house, the library, the coffee shop, or at work to let your opponent, the Ladder Commander, or some other club member know you are having difficulties. Your games can then be suspended temporarily without consequence.

If you no longer wish to continue a game then you have the option of negotiating surrender terms. Surrender terms need not always be harsh. If you surrender your forces it is possible you opponent will award you generous terms by reporting a lower level of victory than he is entitled to. Surrendering a game, in which you have lost interest, may enhance your reputation as a gamer and will free up gaming time for both you and your opponent.

If you disappear for more than 3 weeks, your opponent(s), if they choose to report it, are awarded the highest victory possible.
Prior to claiming a game based on ROE #6 the following information MUST be presented to the Ladder Commander and /or the Assistant Ladder Commander in charge.

(1.) Is this player a member of the Blitz?
(2.) What is his club username and email?
(3.) When did you last receive a file from your opponent?
(4.) If necessary can you provide copies of emails in which you ask your opponent for a file?
(5.) Did you post on the appropriate message boards for this player to return a file?

When the Ladder Commander has the documentation that supports your case and your opponent fails to present the Commander with contradictory evidence of his attempts to continue the match, the Ladder Commander will enforce the rules set forth in ROE #6 and award you a victory for the game.

*Please do not report discontinued games without informing the Ladder Commander.*