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16. Deleting Game Results and Scenario Database abuse.

Any game result registered by mistake can be removed by clicking the "delete" button for the result in question on your profile page.
Delete Image

You cannot delete established game results without the consent of your opponent. When you click the delete button your opponent will automatically be sent a request to do the same which will remove the result from the Scenario Database (SDB) and the players’ profile pages.

If your opponent does not carry out that action in a few days or there is a dispute about deleting the result, you should refer your issue to the Ladder Commander or a Senior Officer.

You also cannot edit (including game files) a scenario entry in the SDB that you did not create yourself without the permission of the Ladder Commander or the Designer/Member. It is also abuse to use the "vote" feature to leave negative comments on a scenario you have not played and reported.
If a SDB entry has been found to have been changed with malicious intent, disciplinary action will be taken and offenders may have their SDB privileges withdrawn.

Under ROE #22 any files uploaded to SDB entry's cannot be removed/deleted by anyone (including the designer) without the permission of the Ladder Commander or a Senior Officer.

*Note* When an entry in the DB is edited, that action is reported automatically to the ladder commander who is then in a position to investigate why the SDB entry was altered.