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11. Team Games.

Some ladders support games that are large enough to be played as a team game.

A single game selected that is played by one group of players banding together to play against another group of opponent players, is a team game. There is no set number of players per side. Any game with two or more players per side is considered to be a team game.

If the game system allows it, you can play a team game, and claim credit for it at the Blitz for either PBEM or online play. Check the box in the game report area to show that the scenario was played as a team game. Each team should designate who their opponents are, at the conclusion of the game, so that each pair gets one game report. No players should submit more than 1 game report per game played. You do not report against all of the opposite team's players, only your designated opponent.

If a team game has an uneven number of players, i.e. two against three, notify the Ladder Commander prior to reporting the game. In this situation one player may submit a game report versus the ladder "Club Shadow player".

*The Ladder Commander's permission is required to report a match using the Club Shadow Player option.*