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1. Membership, Registering and Bootcamp.

Membership in the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club (The Blitz) costs nothing and is open to everyone who wants to wargame with us. We are a non-profit club that does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, color, or sex. We do not support Revisionist's or Neo-Nazi beliefs. We are simply a wargaming club.

We have members on every continent, except Antarctica; however, most of our members generally reside in the United States, Europe, or Australia. English is the most common language of club communication, but it is not a necessity. We have many bilingual players who will try to help anyone who has English as a secondary language.  
We are looking to establish comradery and friendship across the electronic battlefield. Joining the Blitz is easy!
Sign up image
Click the Sign Up link located at the top right corner of the Web page. Then fill out the registration form to identify which game ladders(s) you wish to join and other general information. A member may have only one club "Member Account." You may sign up for multiple game ladders, but you may have only one account.
*Accounts signed up using a proxy IP will not be accepted*
As soon as you register and complete the registration process (via the Email you will be sent) you will appear in the Boot Camp(s) of your chosen ladder(s). Once you report a game completion to a particular ladder, you will move from that ladder's Boot camp and into the ladder itself.
*Should you not receive your Email to activate your account, use the Contact Us page http://www.theblitz.org/contact_us/ to request to have your account activated manually.*

*A player who is in Bootcamp or not signed to any particular ladder may still use the forums with no restriction.*