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4. Active and Inactive Ladder Status.

We keep track of two types of member accounts on the Blitz Ladder System.

* Active is defined as reporting games, designing scenarios, receiving bonus points, and contributing to the club.

* Inactive is defined as not reporting any games or receiving bonus points within the past year. 

* Note* Players signed up to multiple ladders may be active on one ladder and inactive on another ladder.

Being inactive only results in a players username being removed from that ladder, it does not affect a players ability to access any aspect of the club including posting on the forums.

The ladder automated system places that player into inactive status. While their names will no longer appear on the active ladder, their game results are still maintained in the database. A player, who becomes an inactive member, does not affect their opponents' scores. 

Players must report a game to become active on a ladder again, once a game is reported the players game results will reappear on that ladder.