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naughtkris vs. mirekm61

Master Sergeant
naughtkris Sun Dec 29, 2019 5:35 pm
CDN Inf (Att 2XSherman V, 2XWolverine, 2 Air Wings, 4X Trucks) VS Pz Gren (Arm) (ATT stug, PzIV, 2 Assault HT, 2 Mortar HT, Flakwagon, Grille, and several HT)

CDN (R)129 (KIA)85 (W)80 (M)11
1XSherman, 1X Wolverine, 2Xtrucks

GER (R)19 (KIA)122 (W)85 (M)4
2XTanks 13X Other Veh

The Monastery. An interesting map, certainly different than the quasi urban environments I'm used to fighting in. It was certainly a relief not to fight yet more Panthers, as my opponent used a more organic Pz Gren formation. The multiple support units kept me guessing on composition and location of his forces. Very enjoyable.