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naughtkris vs. Jobu88

Master Sergeant
naughtkris Tue Dec 24, 2019 3:34 pm
CDN (+2 shermans, +kitty hawk support squadron) VS Pz Grens and 6 supporting Pz IVs (plus arty).


CDN: (R)254, (KIA)112, (W)68, (M) 0; No Vehicles lost.
GER: (R)78 (KIA)142 (W)74 (M)18; 6 PzIV destroyed.

I was an excellent match. My opponent kept. It was an interesting map. I really like the little built up city on the hill, with the back alleys to fight over. I lost dozens of men when my opponent took up position in the town over looking my approach and just mowed down my pixel truppen in the open. They swore revenge after that and fought their way into the town. I did have to pull from my reserves so it took some time to get them into that part of the battle. I lost a lot of men to the TacAI having my troops "panic" then run straight into the enemy fire. Then next turn, another squad would do the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure the same thing happened to my opponent.

Had lots of fun.