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naughtkris vs. Baluka1974

Master Sergeant
naughtkris Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:56 pm
CDN Infantry VS Heer Grens.-Cease Fire
Good guys: 273 alive; 100 dead; 99 wounded
6 surrender; 2 tanks dead.
Bad guys: 41 alive; 149 Dead, 73 wounded;
6 surrender; 1 Panther +5 HTs dead.

Was a fun game. I was completed surprised by the near full company that had been held back in reserve (lost my FF by getting way too close to "empty" forest). But the grens entered the battle too late. Had they moved in sooner, I would have been defeated. MVP of the game of the Panther that took out 56 troops and a Sherman V, as the big cat prowled the streets of the town. It took over 5 piat rounds and still kept going.