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Private 1st Class
MikeC Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:59 pm
I would rate this scenario as being at the very least slightly pro Russian. I really screwed the pooch in having one of my guards rifle divisions almost totally destroyed. Dennis played very well, and made no major mistakes that I could detect. In spite of this, the game ended in a draw. My only conclusion is that the scenario is balanced in favor of the Russian. Dennis, any comments?

A very enjoyable scenario, at least for the Russian. A contested river crossing, lots of mechanized and motorize units to play with, and a few operational decisions about where to commit the 4th Tank Corps.
Me and General McAulliffe decided to move I Company up on the line. That is, if you agree.
- SGT Kinnie to PFC Holley, Battleground, 1949