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Baluka1974 vs. Stonecutter

Master Sergeant
Stonecutter Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:47 pm
This was the Betuwe on Fire scenario and we played a mirror game. Both games were challenging and very enjoyable. The battle involves a fairly overwhelming allied force clearing Axis defenders. The scenario has an excellent map and the forces are reasonable but the way victory conditions and deployment are laid out causes it to be massively in favour of the allied player. The Axis player has almost zero deployment options as units are fixed to start and the 88 ATG is deployed to cover ~200m of road and thus is useless for most of the game. With three changes along the following lines, this could be a superb battle IMHO:

1) Allow the Axis player large deployment options and zones to start.
2) Cut axis terrain objective points by ~70% and allocate the points to inflicting damage on enemy units.
3) Have an allied penalty if casualties exceed 30%-35%.