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Weasel vs. Walrus

Weasel's avatar China Weasel
China Decisive Victory - 25 or more Turns Walrus N. Vietnam Walrus's avatar
Weasel Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:14 pm
An interesting game. Against two evenly matched players the Chinese have a distinct advantage, but if a weaker player played as the Chinese he may find the going tough.
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Lieutenant Colonel
Walrus Frid Apr 07, 2017 5:01 am
I must agree with Weasel. A very well made scenario, and works OK for PBEM even though it was not initially designed for that style of play.
Evenly skilled commanders should give a Chinese victory, but a stronger Viet commander could give a weaker Chinese commander a very tough time indeed.
Excellent map, good force buy and deploy by the designer.
I enjoyed that battle!
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