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Any information on Italo-Greek War?
06-25-2020, 07:58 AM,
ahelp  Any information on Italo-Greek War?
I would like to make a scenario covering the Italo-Greek War for my upcoming release of SB World War 2 Mod using Pac War. Specifically the battle around Pindus around 28 October, 1940. I've found some info on it, but anyone know of some good order of battle? 3rd Italian Alpine Division, and Greeks were elements of the 1st Infantry Division(Mountain). I've made a few scenarios for all the other countrys including Ethiopia, but want to include at least one initially with the Italo-Greeks! Please email me if any good lower level Greek formation structures. I can get by with what I have, but would like to dig a little deeper! impalass(at)ptd(dot)net, thanks!
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