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New Rising Sun Scenario Daihatsu Problem
06-21-2020, 09:56 PM,
ahelp  New Rising Sun Scenario Daihatsu Problem
Hello Gents:

Jason I hope you're reading this...(crosses fingers)
While creating my new scenario...the invasion of the San Francisco Bay Area by the Japanese in 1944...I tried some Hot Seat testing and the Japanese Daihatsu Landing Craft somehow has a defense of ZERO.
Every shot on one results in an Elimination.

I noticed if I turn Armor Facing OFF...they default to an average Defense of 6.
That is one way to fix this, kind of, but I was not planning on this one having Armor Facing off.

Not sure if it's fixable...a glitch...or my problem?
I have sent the files to at least one other player who gets the same results I do.
Email me and I can send you the files if you'd like to take a look.

I believe it's a glitch.
I thank you for all your help Jason.
If we don't say thank you often enough, and we don't, I want you to know how much you do for this community.


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