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Group Movement
06-06-2020, 04:25 PM,
Group Movement
Advice needed here.
Am playing Smolensk as the Germans.
I have inadvertently activated a group move and ordered the corps troops – artillery, engineers etc – from the 47th Panzer Corps to move as a group to area of the map they don’t need to be moving to.
I hit end turn and the units in question that have movements points simply move backwards.
I’ve obviously hit a combination of keys here accidently. A big red arrow appeared in the map three turns ago.
How does one cancel an errant group move?
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06-06-2020, 05:37 PM,
RE: Group Movement
Go to the 'A/I' drop down menu and select 'View/Delete A/I orders'. Then select the entry in the dialog box and press the delete button.
That should do it.
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