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Beginner questions !
04-15-2020, 06:50 AM,
Beginner questions !
Hi guys,

So i tried some minor engagements, and i'm going for the smolensk scenario. Basically it want ok at first, but i have problems piercing the defences around smolensk du to the fortified regions. What is the correct way to pierce those ?

Also, i have problems crossing rivers, i pushed russians troops away from an hexe separated by a river, and units which did not took part in combat cannot cross. It is a city hexe with a road, so i don't get why i cannot push.

I also have lots of prblems with the luftwaffe and obviously i am doing something wrong. The societ air force is destroyed on turn one, but when i move my air unit, a lot are unavailable, i cannot bomb anything. Even unit put in red on the soviet side, which should indicate they are in rang, but no i cannot. Why is that ? I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with the supply, but don't know for sure...

thx for any help !
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04-15-2020, 11:39 PM,
RE: Beginner questions !
You don't say which game but I am going to guess you're talking about WitE.
I'm not anything like an expert at the game but I have learned a lot lately about the Air War.
You might want to try the Matrix WitE Forum for some tutorials on the game, here's a recent one on the Air War.

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