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Looking for opponents [matchmaking]
02-14-2020, 01:03 PM,
Looking for opponents [matchmaking]
Looking for a small to medium generated game (no scenarios) of either SPWW2 (1939 to mid 1942 time frame) or SPMBT (1970 to 1985 time frame).

"House rules"

- Crews to the rear - no scouting, combat, or taking objectives.
- Artillery must fire by battery at the same target, and all subsequent target adjustments are by battery.
- Infantry guns, towed or SP (for ex. 15cm SiG 33, 76mm M1927, Sturmpanzer IV, Sturm iG 33B) may direct fire only.
- Size 0-2 units may move through any woods hex. Size 3 and over units can only move into the edge of woods to represent being under canopy cover.
Thinking outside the box...
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