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New Patch
02-14-2020, 12:54 PM,
New Patch

There's a new patch,, complete with a "what's new" file, and a new manual.

To get the game to run, you have to first install, from 11-15-17; then, the latest patch,, from 11-21-19.  Some had installed an “unofficial-beta” patch,  I had tried to install over that, and it just didn’t work.  You have to do the first, then  Both are available on Matrix.
A way to tell if you have the latest, is that a new scenario has been added:  Chickamauga 1863.  If you don’t have it, you’re not patched up.
Another way, is that when you run the game, on the first screen (“installer” screen) there’s a button, “check for update”.  Click that, and it’ll tell you if you’re current.
It’s a bit of a challenge keeping this game running, but it’s worth it!  There are some new options I don’t understand, but with the "what's new" and the new manual, we can read up.
Remember also that the game saves moves in a hidden place, not your normal Matrix game directory.  It’s in your documents folder, under “my games”, “TOAW IV”, “saves”.  The game directory is under “programs X86”, Matrix, etc.  Good gaming!
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