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AI attacks across full hex bridges & ferries
01-16-2020, 01:51 PM,
zicon 2  AI attacks across full hex bridges & ferries
not sure how it was in earlier versions but I wonder why the AI sits disrupted on such hexes without going back, it takes massive casualties and is unlikely to cause so much damage that the hex it wants into will be free of a defender.

Besides this, even broken units do not evade from full hex bridges or ferries as they do it on normal terrain.

These 2 points doom the AI when trying to cross such defended bridges & ferries.

Wonder if these problems have to do with the recent change:
- The AI will assault across a bridge, if there is an objective there.
This corrects previous issues with the AI not assaulting. The requirement
for an objective is to prevent the AI from assaulting out of a defensive
position. The AI will still conduct river crossing via engineer ferrying.
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