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Wolfpack first impressions
01-06-2020, 01:46 AM,
a2cents  Wolfpack first impressions
Hi everybody,

I have finally found time to try this game, it's exactly what I was hoping, it reminds me of "Submarine" of Avalon Hill's memory.
Finally it's possible to play as the convoy side, I hope this game will be expanded with additional nationalities, like british and italians to fight the convoy battles in the mediterranean.

I have only two things to mention that I would like to see amended:

- an additional level of zoom because the field of fire of the K-guns is really too small, it's too difficult to fire them, most of the time I get the message "the ship has no mine to fire"  Rolling Eyes

- change the clockwise turn command from "Star" to "Stbd" which is the correct abbreviation of starboard.

Happy gaming!
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