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Bug- Fireflys dismounted
12-08-2019, 08:58 AM,
Bug- Fireflys dismounted

So I just tried to setup my troops for a QB.
I had some fireflys, but when it came to setup time, they were dismounted.

I vaguely remember reading about this before, but getting fixed.
Now I had to go back and completely redo my unit selection for the QB.

I'm on CMBN V4.02
I thought I had patched up already. Perhaps I'm mistaken? What Ver should it be?

And please send help, without Fireflys, Mirekm's Tiger and Panther swarms are going to turn me into poutine!
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12-10-2019, 12:27 AM,
RE: Bug- Fireflys dismounted
Yeah, a fix was made but it didn't cover everything. This new situation has been reported so it will get addressed.

In the mean time you can do this:

Buy your formation with Fireflys and then go through and delete each Firefly from the formation then switch over to the single vehicle tab and guy Fireflys again for each place you deleted one previously.

The Fireflys purchased as single vehicles are OK so you can reconstruct the formation.

Sucks but better than empty Fireflys.
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