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AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
12-01-2019, 06:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-03-2019, 01:08 PM by naughtkris.)
AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
[This is my first game back after several years away. I picked a fight with Baluka and went at it. Trying to keep my reintroduction simple, I picked the tried and true CDN para battalion and picked out a "village and bocage" map. A week later, I picked a fight with Kghammer (I said something about his mother, he misunderstood, and the fight was on!), so I decided to use the same base CDN para troops, but with different attachments than the first match. I then went to select a "village and bocage". It wasn't until I started placing my troops did it occur to me I had selected the exact same battlefield. This gave me an idea to compare in AAR format similar battlegroups on the same map against (possibly) similar enemy components, using a similar battle plan. Thus I present to you my battle with Baluka first. Then later, my battle with KGhammertime. So, PREPARE TO COPY!]


Ground Brief [see map below]

Situation: Operation Overlord is in full effect. After initial objectives have been taken, Intel has come in of Thule Society operatives escaping the region with french orphan children to fuel their dark rituals. They must be cut off from escape. 2 Up's Intent – Brigade CO REQ the Thule Society operations to be disrupted; 1 Up's intent – An orphanage west of Caan has been raided and a german convoy full of orphans is headed to CROSSROAD LOON. Secure the crossroads before the convoy arrives to enable the rescue of the children.

Enemy: Thule agents disguised as Heer units, possibly equipped with futuristic and/or supernatural weapons. Fanatical motivation with Elite or Crack skill levels. All Thule agents have been trained to deny any knowledge of being a Thule agent when questioned after capture – but we know the truth.

Friendly: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion;

Probable Mission: 1st CDN Para BN may conduct a take and hold meeting engagement at CROSSROAD LOON to secure the crossroads before the convoy arrives to enable the rescue of the children.


No Move Before 1300hr

Task Complete: NLT 1345hr

Admin: Full battle rattle; Med mortar full load; No transport available.

Time Check

<End WO>

[Image: Ground%20brief%20overview.jpg]

End Part 1
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12-01-2019, 07:47 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-03-2019, 01:10 PM by naughtkris.)
RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
[ Part Two]

CHRISTEN GROUND [See map below]

[Image: ground%20brief.png]

Temp: 27C
Forecast: Clear sky, damp ground
Sunset: 2103h

Situation General: 1st CDN Para BN is currently positioned 500m SW of CROSSROAD LOON. Intel reports a convoy of kidnapped french orphans will be passing by LOON at 1400h. The intel is good, as the Thule are as punctual as they are evil. Thule agents disguised as Heer units are arriving aprox 700m NE of LOON. Intel reports they also want to capture LOON, but for evil purposes.

Enemy: Kampfgruppe Baluka; composition unknown. Intel indicates a battalion worth of Heer units with possible armor and artillery support.

Friendly: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (VET); A Coy (support), B Coy, C Coy, plus attachments.

Atts/Dets: +Machine gun section (VET); + VC Firefly (VET); +Fwd Obs team (REG); +"Kamloops' Cross-eyed Commandos" Air wing (REG) [2X Spitfire IX strafe, 1x Typhoon IB strafe]; -D Company

[See attached photo, OOB]
[Image: OOB.png]

Mission/Execution: 1st CDN Para BN will conduct a take and hold of CROSSROAD LOON. Step off time is 1300h with capture/secure NLT 1345. B Coy will advance and cover the West and North West of LOON. C Coy will swing far East providing cover and hold from enemy advance. A Coy will attach out MG/AT sections to B and C Coy, then move mortar platoon to designated high ground. The remainder of A Coy will hold the centre of LOON. The firefly will take up an overwatch position along the N-S road. Fwd Air Control will move to designated high ground and call in the (assumingly) ironically named air wing to ground attack the enemies most likely avenue of advance.

Scheme of maneuver: OP will be done is 3 phases

Phase 1: BN will take up positions NW, W, S and E of LOON and await contact.

Phase 2: Upon contact, Coys will use action on and FRAGOs to determine attack or hold.

Phase 3: Once enemy has been driven off, LOON is to be swept clean and an ambush set for trucks coming from the East.

My Main Effort: Surround LOON, drive off enemy, hear the lamenting of their women.

My End State: LOON surrounded, enemy driven off, more lamenting of their women.

Groupings and Taskings

A Coy: Divide MG sections between B and C Coy. Place Mortar platoon on high ground and set up an observation/fire base to provide HE and Smoke as needed. Support Fwd Air Controllers from that position. Remainder of A Coy to move up to LOON centre and defend from enemy attacks coming from the north. Await FRAGO.

B Coy: Push north parallel the N-S road, through the fields. Take and hold the bocage overlooking the possible Thule temples. Split a single platoon off and have them hook far west, blow a hole in the bocage, before doing the same again to make their way far north then east. They should end up overlooking the possible Thule torture centre. Await FRAGO.

C Coy: Split forces and select two different routes to take east and far east defensive positions in preparations to hold against a major enemy push. Use fire base mortars as needed. Await FRAGO.

[Image: Battle%20plan.png]


Coordinating Instructions

NMB: 1300h
On task NLT: 1310h
Task Complete: 1345h

Control Measures:Chain of Command
ROE: If they are evil, shoot them. Take prisoners, kill those who resist.
Boundaries: As per map
Weapon State: Hot

Actions On: If fired on while out of position, make liberal use of smoke. Priority of AT goes to enemy armour.

Fire Support: Fire Base (mortar platoon) is being set up on high ground. Platoon commanders are free to make requests.

Service Support: The plumbing to the showers is still not hooked up.

Rations: Division swears hayboxes are being prepared and will arrive after the battle.
Water: Full canteens, plus artesian wells on the farm lands.
Ammunition: Standard
Weapons: Sten, Smle, Bren, Piat, 2" mortar, 3" mortar, maple syrup sticky bombs (satchel charge)
Dress/equ: Full battle rattle
Medical: One dressing per man
PWS: To be taken and collected at BN HQ south of LOON
Transport: We have to break in these new boots sometime.
Resupply: It's coming with the hayboxes

Command and Signals
Command: BN Major Arrow
COC: A Coy, B Coy, C Coy
Location of CO: Centre of LOON, BN HQ buildings, farm south of LOON

[End Part 2]
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12-01-2019, 01:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-03-2019, 01:25 PM by naughtkris.)
RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
[part 3]
Time Check: 1302h

B Coy runs full tilt up to its first possibly opposed bocage and field. The Coy Cmdr receives a radio call from the Firefly that a two man scout team was spotted running across the road east to west, with a southern tilt. Estimated course would place them at the NW bocage corner of LOON. B Coy prepare to ambush with a maple syrup stick bomb. Meanwhile, 2 Platoon prepared to split off and head west, to begin the "Left Hook".

A Coy is still running to set up Firebase and setup up an overwatch MG covering the N-S road along side the tank. While checking out the Firebase, the the mortar HQ spots a platoon (or more) worth of enemy troops making the expected dash along the far left flank.

Due to the awkward positioning of the bocage (and tiny little hedges), C Coy is having to make a wide detour to get where a crow could fly easily. C Coy Cmdr is worried that this delay will not only through off his timings, but could catch his men out in the open. He starts to think about a secondary position to take if his primary is overrun when he finally gets there.

[Image: 1302.png]

Time Check: 1303h

B Coy takes up position along the bocage, expecting to see a hoard of evil charge at them. Instead, a few of the more eagle eyed cherries among them spot way off to the east, a german platoon running across open ground, on a rise. The chance to hit anyone is slim, but popping off enough rounds makes many of the germans hit the ground, stalling their attempt to take up ambush positions. C Coy owes B Coy a round once they all make it back to camp. 2 Platoon continues to make plans for the Left Hook. What no one sees, is the enemy scout team, but they can certainly hear the exchange of gun fire less than 40m away.

[Image: 1303A.png]

A Coy has taken up its first overwatch position on the south west corner of LOON. They brought plenty of piat teams in case the enemy had blitz down the road with armour. While everyone is setting up, Major Arrow looks up from his map and compass and makes eye contact with pure evil staring back at him.On the opposite hedgerow, the german scout team (thule agents in disguise) lick their lips at the thought of meat being back on the menu. Knowing he must cleanse the world, Arrow brings his sten on target and starts to empty his mag. The rest of his HQ section start to do the same. Everyone else around him are too well disciplined to look away from their designated target arcs to see what is being shot at.

C Coy continues its hard (but round about) charge to get into position. Over the radio, B Coy sends the msg, "you're all clear kid, now lets blow this bocage and go home". Translating the code phrases in his head, C Coy Cmdr realizes that his opposition has been slowed down, and there is hope yet to get into position.

[Image: 1303b.png]

Time Check: 1304

B Coy increased its volume of fire on the far advancing germans. Many of them were now crawling on their snake-like bellies. Not long after, the smell of burnt maple filled the air as two separate holes were blown into the bocage. To the west, 2 Platoon got ready to run the Left Hook. To the east, the rest of the Coy watched a section crawl through the new gap, only to have an ammo bearer take a stray bullet from the soon dead german scout team.
[Image: 1304a.png]

A Coy finally took the hint from BN HQ and laid down suppressing fire on the suspected location of the enemy scout team. Pvt Jones swears he heard one of them go down, but they all keep blindly shooting. Twenty seconds later, they hear B Coy yell over to cease fire, they had gotten the second one. The Firebase was sill waiting for the mortars to take their sweet ass time getting up the hill. Meanwhile, the FAC team blurt over the radio that the can see signs of enemy armour to the north. The firefly gets ready to blast everything that comes around the corner.

C Coy reorganizes after the long run and prepares for the final sprint to take up defensive positions. Even with B Coy's help, some wonder if they will still make it in time. Cpl Willsham is the first to realize that they did not make it in time. Dozen of men from C Coy run past a window of death, giving the german troops who had made it into position, the perfect firing arc into the column. Cpl Willsham will not be the last to fall here. Only 3 Platoon and half of 5 Platoon made it across. The Coy is split and bleeding out.

[Image: 1304b.png]
Time Check: 1305
B Coy charged across the open field, trying to ambush the enemy as they file into their evil Thule temples. Unfortunately, those temples have second floor windows, and the germans rain a withering fire down on B Coy and 2 Platoon trying for the Left Hook. There is much suppression and a few men go down, but most of the Coy reach their objective. The fire fight is on.
[Image: 1305c.png]

A Coy is still in set up mode. The firebase is incomplete, though the FAC starts to map out where he is going to call in fighters. The only part of the Coy who is in position is the tank and the MG section on the road. There is a load burst of an enemy tank firing hidden from the north. Before the firefly crew know what is happening, a second invisible round flies to make contact with the firefly. The explosion kills most of the crew and scatters the MG section. That was the only armour support the BN had. Now they will have to wait for the 20mm cannons of the air support to rescue them.
[Image: 1305b.png]

C Coy scrambles to get out of the deadly funnel. Lance corporals yell for smoke grenades and smoke mortars to cover the pass, but the coordination is off and not enough gets covered. Many men lay dead and wounded.

[Image: 1305a.png]

Time Check: 1306

B Coy made it lined up along the western side of the hedge row. German MG fire from the buildings and the courtyard cut down many brave paratroopers. Meanwhile, a whole platoon worth of crack german shocktroopers had made it to the eastern side of the hedge, just north of B Coy. The AT team that had been sent to flank the enemy tank was torn apart by grenades and MP40s. 2 Platoon started to engage from their own hedge row to the west. Taken as a moral victory, small arms fire knocked out the german kubel wagon. The little hate car was believed to be possessed by the spirit of a Herman Goering's mother in law. B Coy was in for a terrible fight.
[Image: 1306c.png]

A Coy was testing the winds and prepping sight lines in the final minutes before the firebase would be fully operational. The FAC head radioed in his final coordinates, and estimate of where the enemy will have pushed by the time the planes are overhead. It didn't look good. The germans would be in shouting distance by then.
[Image: 1306b.png]

C Coy was still split in half. More smoke was added but the winds were not cooperating. Meanwhile 3 Platoon was seconds away from reaching their objective, but the germans were seconds faster. As more than 30 men dashed towards a small section of hedgerow, german MP and rifle fire opened up on them in those few final meters. Those that arrived at the green wall of death were soon greeted by exploding german fruit. A back and forth fight with an enemy that was a few meters away started. Many troopers started reaching for their grenades, even as enemy potato mashers were already arching overhead.
[Image: 1306a.png]

Time Check: 1307

B Coy is now not only engaged in close quarters combat with perhaps two infantry companies, but there is a Panther suppressing with MG and HE while piat rounds are having no effect. So far no sticky bombs, but a grenade or two has been thrown. B Coy is taking heavy losses. In order to take the pressure off the main bulk of the Coy, 2 Platoon lays down some suppressive fire as it prepares to blow a hole in the hedge and charge across.

A Coy is still in shock after loosing the tank. The Coy cmdr is trying to formulate a plan to get some MG and rifle positions setup facing north from the LOON, flanking into the enemy attacking B Coy. Its going to take time though.

C Coy has finally started to push back. 3 Platoon thinks its finally won the H2H over the eastern hedge passage. They start to formulate a plan to charge the shaken enemy and deal a killing blow. Meanwhile 5 Platoon has set up a firing line and is skirmishing with the multiple companies worth of german infantry that want to push south. The remainder of C Coy starts to tend to the wounded under the cover of smoke. C Coy Cmdr yells into his radio that he needs the fire base fully operational now, not two turns from now.

[Image: 1307.png]

[For those of you still awake, End of Part 3]
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12-02-2019, 11:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-03-2019, 01:30 PM by naughtkris.)
RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
[Wow, you're still here!  Welcome to Part 4]

Time Check: 1308

B Coy attempted to fight there way NW along the hedgerow. They had requested smoke, and it was launched all throughout the enemy lines. The hope that this would make getting into H2H easier, but the germans just rained down grenade after grenade from over the hedge. Meanwhile, the Panther's MG and HE torn up what little was left on overwatch south of LOON. 2 Platoon was told that if they were going to make a charge, that they should do it now.

[Image: 1308B.png]

A Coy stayed on central overwatch while firebase prepared their first shots.

C Coy head set up a base of fire with 5 platoon while 2 platoon was winning the H2H over the eastern flank. Scouts were sent off for a peek-a-boo surprise.

[Image: 1308ac.png]

Time Check: 1309

B Coy became locked in a smokey dance of death. The germans seemed to be particularly adept at tossing potato mashers up and over. Thankfully the smoke partially obscured 2 Platoons preparation for a hard charge across the field. Once the smoke dissipates, MGs and ammo bearers at LOON would flank fire into the countless germans lined up at the hedge. That just leaves the Panther for B Coy to finish off.

FRAGO- A Coy to pair up with nearby remainders of C Coy and breach the hedge, then drive north to flank the germans to the east, firing at the main part of C Coy. Unfortunately, as that new order is being carried out, a storm of explosive death starts to rain down on A Coy. The explosions are massive and men try desperately to crawl into the craters. Once the shelling stops, A Coy wll consolidate then re-attempt the flanking maneuver.

[Image: 1309A.png]

C Coy is has pulled off a victory. Its mini flank with some scouts was enough to break the platoon worth of germans it was in H2H with and cut them down as they ran. With enough aggression, C Coy can keep up the momentum and flank even more of the germans. Meanwhile, the request made to Firebase had been approved. Three medium mortars haven opened up and started to pin and crush the enemy company on the eastern flank.
[Image: 1309C.png]

Time Check: 1310

B Coy kept up its revolving door of charge and runaway. The good news was that the enemy on the other side of the hedge was doing the same. As well, several troopers all think they got a grenade right into the tracks of the Panther, thus disabling it.

A Coy continues to consolidate and tend to the massive amounts of wounded.
[Image: 1310A.png]

C Coy also consolidates of the far eastern flank while firing into their own fatal funnel to kill the reinforcing german Coy that is simultaneously being hit by effective fire from Firebase. The East flank is looking good. Its gone from "not expected to hold", to "Charge!!!!".

[Image: 1310c.png]

Time Check: 1311

B Coy continues its H2H while 2 platoon charges across the field to provide relief. Maybe it was the winds not blowing away the smoke from the road fast enough, thus preventing flanking fire; or maybe the suppression first put down by 2 platoon wasn't good enough. Either way, about ten seconds before making it across the field, the germans opened up and mowed half of 2 platoon down. Things are not looking good for B Coy. Even the Panther is still active, if immobilized and clouded by smoke.

A Coy is back on the move, picking up stragglers and hard charging north along the hedgerow. Meanwhile, Firebase has split its fire between the Thule temples and the eastern flank.

C Coy is starting to move up, one hedge at a time. Not all of the enemy on that flank is pinned by mortars. There seems to be at least a platoon and MG support resisting C Coy's attempt to move up.
[Image: 1311abc.png]

[End Part 4. The battle will get more interesting in a bit, I promise]
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12-02-2019, 09:57 PM,
RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
Very nice. Looks like you are making headway - as usual.
Author of: Whose Turn Is It? - http://www.lesliesoftware.com/products/WhoseTurnIsIt / CMFI Sicily Pathfinders(not playable H2H) / CMBS Opportunity Knocks (scenarios, maps and mods here)
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12-03-2019, 09:26 AM,
RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
[Part 5, The Rise of C Coy]

Time Check: 1312

With the help of A Coy's two MG and ammo bearers firing down the road from LOON, the main part of B Coy was able to win the H2H and push most of the enemy off the road and back behind the corner hedge. The Panther was still active, and laughter could be heard from it's crew as Piat rounds and grenades rained down like pebbles against a titanium roof. At the last second, the panther crew noticed the MGs down the road and took aim. Meanwhile, 2 Platoon had only one section that made it across to the hedge on the charge. The rest were doused in no less than six grenades. The survivors lay pinned 30m from their objective. Lt O'Brian motioned for his remaining senior Lance Corporal to prepare the men for another charge. With a loud bellow, Lance Cpl Talbot yelled out, "This is why we get free health care!" as he started to get to his feet.
[Image: 1312B.png]

With the shelling over and casualties collected, A Coy finished their dash to setup a flanking position on the eastern germans. Poking their heads through the hedge, they lost count with the number of germans, all poking their own heads through the southern hedge firing at C Coy's base of fire. The occasional mortar from Firebase still landed among them. The word was given, "Fire!" and surprised germans started flopping to the ground, bullets pierced their sides, their last gasp a prayer to their dark gods.

C Coy had gone as far as it could for now. 3 Platoon was stuck in a back and forth with what was estimated to be a platoon strength with MG support. 5 Platoon was still providing a base of fire, but orders were coming in from BN HQ to prepare for a hard charge across the field now that A Coy was flanking. Some of the lads mumbled about hoping that Firebase remembers to stop shelling before 5 Platoon starts its charge.
[Image: 1312ac.png]

Time Check: 1313

2 Platoon B Coy, is taking home the Cup after this battle as they managed to suppress the advance of the enemy Coy that was moved from the eastern flank to reinforce here. The rest of B Coy is not doing so well. Despite Firebase mortars and MG support to clear the road, the Panther has everyone pinned (or dead). The tank has even taken out one of LOON's MGs. Piats are doing nothing to the front of the tank, and with the hedge, its nearly impossible to get a better shooting angle.
[Image: 1313B.png]

With half of LOON's MG sections taken out, the men there poop themselves just a little as yet another big arty blast goes off near them. That was a spotting round. Are they the target? Or is the enemy creeping it towards a more juicy target. Meanwhile, the main part of A Coy starts to takes shots from into their backsides from the north. The mortar suppression isn't enough. They keep firing into the eastern flank forces but start to make plans to pop some smoke north.

C Coy has made a decision. 5 Platoon is going to bum rush the far northern hedge in a minute or two, then move to flank the far eastern platoon that his keeping 3 Platoon from advancing
[Image: 1313ac.png]

Time Check: 1314

With 2 Platoon setting up a kill zone on the german reinforcement in the farmer's field, the rest of B Coy finally put enough eggshell onto that Panther to make it expend one of its lives. Even while yelling "Surrender!" at them, the tank crew, still in their ceremonial robes and occult paraphernalia, came out crawling and gunning. The Para troopers had no choice but to put these monsters down.
[Image: 1314B.png]

An excerpt from the field journal of Capt J. Johnston A Coy (support) CO. "At almost a quarter passed the hour, I can see to the west, a barrage of possibly 150mm artillery landing on my MG sections tasked with defending LOON and providing support to B Coy. That's a lot of admin I'll have to do after the battle. Just north of me, I can see the sections attached to us from C Coy being cut down as they try to cross to the Thule temples. Perhaps I'll ask Firebase to provide some smoke for the next batch to try. Either way, they are C Coy, so their admin won't be my problem. In good news, we have mostly wiped out the german troops we flanked to the east."
[Image: 1314A.png]

As C Coy settled in for a protracted fire fight, they heard a sound overhead that brought cheering from all the troops. The motors of the Kamloops' Cross-eyed Commandos could be heard above. Then a garbled radio broadcast, "Roger Command, will instigate quarantine operations. I think I see some biologically impaired troops right behind some of our lads. We'll take care of them before the infection spread...". As one young private turns to ask the Sgt what "biologically impaired" means, 20mm cannons start to rip apart a squad worth of dead germans. They twitch as the large caliber shreds them. Some of the troops wave their helmets and point towards the live germans they are fighting.
[Image: 1314C.png]

Time Check: 1315

B Coy CO looked around at all the dead and wounded. He passed the word that now was a time to consolidate. The lull was not to be long lived as sentries began reporting signs that the Thule forces were gathering on the opposite hedge to the east. Their chanting and dark rituals sent a chill down even the most grizzled veteran. Luckily, 2 Platoon can still be heard laying in the fire on all the enemy caught out in the mud of the farmer's field.
[Image: 1315b.png]

A Coy was having a rough go. The smoked requested from Firebase had yet to arrive (coffee break, it's a union thing), and with B Coy still consolidating after the shelling, Thule forces have come piling out of their dark temples to out flank the flankers. As quoted by Sgt Thompson when his piat operator got shot, "Clever girl...".

[Image: 1315A.png]

5 Platoon C Coy was having a field day- in that they ran across a field during the day. They took up position and radioed over a plan to have 3 Platoon keep up the base of fire, while 5 Platoon prepared to flank. They just need to drop some smoke and it will be time to crack open a cold one.
[Image: 1315C.png]

[End of Part 5...hey you, in the back! If you're falling asleep, stand up!]
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12-04-2019, 02:18 AM,
RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)
[Begin Part 6]

Time Check: 1316h

It was time for 2 Platoon to merge back up with the rest of B Coy. A maple syrup sticky bomb was placed to make a passage while the wounded were tended to. The rest of B Coy was doing the same, the only differences was that their bomb was directly across from the waiting germans and everyone ran away as soon as they saw the filed down teeth and beady red eyes of the Thules staring at them from through the hedge.

[Image: 1316b.png]

A Coy sat tight along the hedge, tending to their wounded. They fired off their own 2" smokes as well as directed in smoke from Firebase. The Thule temples also took some HE fire from Firebase. Soon, they would try again to charge the temples.

5 Platoon C Coy waited to catch their breath before making their flanking maneuver. Over the radio they could hear the FAC at Firebase screaming at the overhead pilots, "FUCK OFF! THERE ARE NO ZOMBIES! STOP!", only to be answered by two separate strafing runs of already dead german troops in the open fields.
[Image: 1316c1.png]

5 Platoon's LT was getting worried. He didn't like the idea of running across the field if those planes were strafing. His attention went back to the one sided radio conversation when he heard, " NO! WAVE OFF! FRIENDLIES HAVE NOT BEEN BITTEN! I SAY AGAIN, NO SPREAD OF INFECTION!". The LT looked at his hands and arms quickly checking for mosquito bites, perplexed. The 20mm cannon fire from above soon silenced that thought as the shell went through it. He didn't have to see the rest of his men, hugging the hedgerow for safety get mowed down by the Kamloops' Cross-eyed Commandos.

[Image: 1316c2.png]

Time Check: 1317

B Coy got back into position for their charge to the next bocage. They knew that as soon as Firebase stopped their bombardment of the field just meters to the east, it would be time to move. The sections to the south who were firing at the Thule temples, suddenly had new targets. The german troops that ran from the bombardment suddenly came into view of the glowing red barrels of vickers MG. The only thing keeping the barrel from melting away was Pvt Winnie pouring his canteen filled with Canadian Club on to it. He shed one tear for his fallen comrades and a second for his whiskey. Maybe he could still eat the dirt right below the barrel?
[Image: 1317b.png]

A Coy was having more problems than just crying over spilled mother's milk. BN CO was moving up the hedge to take charge of A and C Coy given the recent isolated incident of friendly fire from the sky. On the radio, he could hear more frantic demands from the FAC. Sometimes his own radio could pick up a little bit of the pilots, but just not enough. He then heard the FAC calling the entire BN, not the planes, "TAKE COVER! TAKE COVER! I told the planes to stop, and they said, "NIEN!"; Major Arrow looked up in slow motion, taking in all he could see, as two separate streams of cannon and MG fire rained down from the heavens. The hard chargers attacking the Thule temples were cut in half, even those trying to crawl back to friendly positions. To his right, through the hedge, 5 Platoon C Coy was getting a second spraying. Intel was correct, the Thule's dark magic rituals had taken control of the pilots minds.

[Image: 1317ac.png]

Time Check: 1318

Suspecting another supernaturally powered trap, Cpl Curling of 3 Platoon's scout section volunteered to be the first once more into the breech. He yelled back to the rest that the enemy in the grassy field was in full retreat – "Come on in lads, the waters fine!". Soon, those hayboxes would be theirs.
[Image: 1318b.png]

Major Arrow continued to run north along the hedge. He gave hand signals to A Coy to charge the Thule temples, and they did. Firebase had dropped enough smoke and the winds were kind. The Thule Thaumaturgists in those temples had to be interrupted to stop his own air support from clearing his entire command from the books. With cannons sounding more like maniacal laughter, Major Arrow saw yet another strafing run on 5 Platoon. He had so many letters to write...

[Image: 1318ac.png]

Time Check: 1319

All of B Coy could feel their were moving in for the killing blow. Soon they would have the last fanatical Thule agents surrounded. A Coy (and what little remained of 5 Platoon C Coy attached to them) had finally taken the southern perimeter and blown their way through. Soon, another victory for King and Country would be at hand and another vile plot to harm innocents would be defeated.
[Image: 1319b.png]

"BN Actual, this is Firebase Actual, HE rounds have taken out the primary Thule Temple. Evil spirits are escaping into the sky along with fire and smoke. FAC reports pilots back under control but are Winchester. Visual shows last enemy compound being surrounded by B Coy. C Coy remnants are lobbing smoke. Looks like a charge."

3 Platoon was indeed fixing bayonets and waiting for their smoke screen to thicken. There had to be at least a platoon of fanatical crack Thule supertroopers in that eastern most green redoubt. Someone had to clear them out so they could not escape to commit evil elsewhere.

[Image: 1319c.png]

Time Check: 1320

A Coy and B Coy had finally touched tips (of the swords...sheesh), they had recaptured/blown up that Thule Temples and the blood fields that they guarded. With nowhere to hide, like roaches with no fridge when the lights are turned on, the Thule agents begin to scurry to find the nearest hole to plunk their heads into. Some surrender in hope to cause evil another day, others feared the wrath of their darks gods more than a righteous Canadian bullet.
[Image: 1320AB.png]

The Last Charge of C Coy Light Recon Sections; With smoked filling the air and the rest of C Coy laying down suppressing fire, two scout sections rushed the green wall of death. With luck and swift feet the two units should end up flanking the suppressed enemy platoon.

[Image: 1320C.png]

[End of Part 6, what will become of Major Arrow and his men, or the foul deeds of Kampfgruppe Baluka?]
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RE: AAR CDN Para VS Baluka Super Troopers (ME QB)

Major Arrow inspected the battlefield. His men were enjoying hot meals delivered by trucks to feed his men and the dozens of french orphans who were now running around playing their favorite game of "Surrendering" instead of the Army man or cops and robbers he was used to as a kid. Alas, Major Arrow was a progressive man, and if that is what the french culture taught their children, who was he to interject. His thoughts were interrupted when a small child with baked maple beans smeared on his lips ran up to him, hugging his legs and repeatedly shouting "je me rends!".

His men had killed or captured the remaining Thule agents that defended the temples and the blood fields out behind them. The eastern redoubt was being held by Hauptmann Neile of 3 Coy. He had with him a squad of panzergrens and some stragglers. They were fanatical, but they were coming off their high of amphetamines and other "combat" drugs. They were given the order to surrender. During what little interrogation we could put them to, they taunted us with the knowledge that they were merely slowing us down to give the CO of Kampfgruppe Baluka time. While we fought, deep below the Thule Temples, Oberstleutnant Baluka had gathered ancient manuscripts and other artifacts and escaped through secret tunnels.

The ambush of the truck convoy was a bite of beavertail compared to the fighting before it. He lost no men and no orphans were injured in the quick fight.

Major Arrow sat down on a bench outside of the smouldering Thule temple, pulled out his field message pad and began to sketch his AAR, starting with the aftermath of the battle.

[Image: AAR%20screen.png]

92 of his men killed and 66 wounded and out of the fight, not to mention that Firefly that would come out of his paycheck.

It was not a fair trade; the 213 enemy dead and 76 wounded were worth only a fraction of a single life of one of his troopers. The 25 captured Thule Agents won't give up much intel. Fanatics never do. At least he can inform his superiors about the destruction of the possessed demon Kubalwagon.

Major Arrow inspected the aftermath. Bodies had to be collected, intel taken from their pockets.
[Image: final%20overview.png]

Searching the pockets of the Fwd Obs team, they found the TRPs that caused so many of his men to be blown apart.

[Image: final1.png]
The Green Redoubt with about 15 men defending until giver orders to slow us down with a surrender. Another minute and they would have all been Sten-gunned to death from either side. The second command unit only had an orderly left alive.

[Image: final2.png]

Caught in a perfect storm. The remains of 2 and 3 Coy. Between Firebase, C Coy, and A Coy flanking, these men didn't stand a chance.

[Image: final3.png]

The partial remains of 1 Coy and half of 3 Coy that came to reinforce. There are more to the left, in the muddy field. Firebase and the Vickers MGs down at LOON kept them suppressed and B Coy's hard chargers finished them off.

Major Arrow would not find out until after the war, but Oberstleutnant Baluka escaped to take command of another Kampfgruppe, with yet another Panther (and flakwagons, along with panzergrens riding halftracks) to attempt more dark rituals. Though not Paratroopers, another brave Canadian unit moved into that town to rescue it as well. It turned into an even bloodier fight.


[Just want to thank the handful of you who made it all the way to the end. I do want to do the ARR for the parallel game with KGHammer, but I think when I do, it will be less detailed, just the highlights. Though the Warning Orders will be similar since its just swap out for most of it. History is written by the victors, so that's why it looked so easy here. Its not how I felt during. There were many times I thought Baluka had me. Not the least of when my Piat rounds did nothing to the Panther.  Any yes, I am aware of some minor historical/military inaccuracies in my retelling. I can already hear the grumbling Whistle ]

Thanks for letting me write this (you could have started a poll to get me banned if really didn't want me to finish). Jester

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