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Unternehmen Wintergewitter
11-24-2019, 05:14 AM,
Unternehmen Wintergewitter

For my next scenario, I will tackle Unternehmen Wintergewitter (Operation Winterstorm), the German operation to relieve the Russian siege of the 6th Army in Stalingrad.

For the core German unit, I am using 6th Panzer Division. I have a pretty good idea of OOB for this division, although I lack the names of the panzergrenadier battalion commanders.

The Russian OOB is much harder to come by, especially since there are few Russian-to-English translations of the Red Army's official documentation. I know that the 4th Mechanized Corps, 235th Tank Brigade and 234th Tank Regiment are among the units that fought the 6th Panzer Division 13-15 December 1942, but information, especially on the components of the 4th Mechanized Corps, is hard to find.

If anyone has or has access to source material, I'd appreciate it.

Schwerpunkt 75
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