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Looking for Opponents
11-08-2019, 10:55 AM,
copponent Wanted  Looking for Opponents

I have not played in several years, partly due to a high tempo at work and lots of work related travel.

I'm am looking to get back into things. 

I have Engine 4, of  BS and SF (and BN, FI, and RT, see my opponents wanted in that forum)
I have all the SF modules.

I am looking for up to four opponents between WW2 and Modern.

For BS, my preference is UKR vs RUS.
For SF, I prefer to play CDN, but I'm flexible. Perhaps a Blue on Blue? I can also play Syrian even though I know I'll loose.  Red on Red is SF can be fun too.
My preferred game style is ME, again flexible on this with a good proposal. Scenario's are good too.
My game size is Medium and smaller. 
Prefer highest difficulty.
Turn range between 25-35, but pitch me if you have something specific in mind outside my range.
I will strive to do min 5 turns, per person, per week.
I am Drop Box capable.

I am extremely rusty and have little to no experience with Engine 4. I have looked around and everyone seems very good, and I'm sure I will learn a lot, but I have given myself a goal. Build up and train till you can take out the toughest kid on the block. This Canadian Cat guy seems to pop up a lot in the forums, so once I have gained some experience with the rest of you, I'll publicly call that guy out and challenge him. From what I've read, this guy had a really good teacher so that will just add to the street cred.

This will be re-posted with a slight edit over on the WW2 forum.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see an incoming challenge.

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