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Seeking Japanese Opponent for Japan 46' Operation Coronet - CLOSED
11-03-2019, 04:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-03-2019, 09:28 AM by Elxaime.)
Seeking Japanese Opponent for Japan 46' Operation Coronet - CLOSED
Looking for someone willing to take the Japanese side in the big scenario, Operation Coronet (#46_0301_01: Operation Coronet).  I am playing Japan in another game of this, so would like to try Allied.  Default optional rules.  We'd use a (very) slightly modified scenario file to fix the single mistake of placing an obstacle, instead of a bunker, on one of the Japanese east beach defense hexes (I can email the modified scenario file we'd use).  This is a long scenario (608 turns) but in my experience the turns go pretty fast due to the somewhat static nature of the fighting and the less numerous units at the beginning during the landings.  But so far it seems like a lot of fun.  The Allies have complete air and naval supremacy, but the terrain (outside the plains and fields) can be tough and Japan has tough infantry and decent artillery.  I can do quick turns, understanding that breaks, e.g. for holidays, will be inevitable.

Let me know!

EDIT:  Opponent found...thanks!
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